My Top 8 Shoe Shopping Websites

I don't know about you but I love shoe shopping even when its window shopping lol. Below is a quick list of my top websites for buying shoes(mostly heels).

I love Shoedazzle. The prices of shoes are inexpensive, most shoe prices range from $20- $50.This websites also provides daily fix shoe recommendations based on your shoe personality.They also have cool sales like 2 shoes for $39 or $49.

Price range on shoes varies based on the styles and designs of shoes.

As the name implies, this site only sells heels Shoe prices range from $25 to over $100 but not over $200. This website also contains brands high-end brands like Paris Hilton ,Jennifer Lopez etc.

4. Shoemint
In my opinion, Shoemint can be quite expensive but, they do offer special prices to members. Normal shoe prices start from $79 dollars unless there is a sale. The sales on shoes could go as low as $39.

The prices of shoes on this site are also quite inexpensive, prices start at about $25 depending on shoe styles. For example flats are less expensive than heels.

I love this website.In addition, to providing Asos shoes, they also carry shoes from other brands like Aldo, New Look, River Island etc. Hence, prices varies.This UK based website provides FREE SHIPPING worldwide and they constantly have great sales.

The great thing about this cite is that all shoes are $39.95, FREE SHIPPING is also offered and you get 50%  of your first purchase.

Of  course Ebay would be on the list.You can find pretty much anything on there, including shoes. Ebay also offers you a chance to bid on things;which is great.

So that's it guys, if you know any other websites for buying shoes please let me know. Thanks for stopping by people. See you again. 


  1. Great list =) thank for sharing

  2. woah great post babe

  3. Thanks for sharing this tip!!
    Can these sites deliver to anywhere in Nigeria???
    The Beautiful eagle's Blog

    1. I think does but I'm not sure about the rest

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