Hi guys, remember this maxi skirt from this look ? Well, today I wore this maxi skirt with a basic white-T, a leopard print scarf (yes I'm obsessed with leopard print) and a pop of pink with my shoes. I wore this to school but before you get all crazy asking me why and how, let me explain. I always take the public bus to school so of course I took my flats,wore them on the bus then switched shoes when I got to school. Maybe its a bit inconvenient but so worth it. Although, halfway through the day, I got tired of the heels so I switched to flats.Yeah yeah, I know girl problems or should I say Sarah's problems? lol.

This scarf idea was actually inspired by someone I know.

Don't know what's going on with my hand but I love this bag so much, it reminds me of the
Celine bag. Looking at it just makes me so happy!

Skirt(alternative)/Scarf(alternative)/Shirt/Necklace : Street Market
Shoes : Workshop (alternative)&(alternative)
Belt : Forever 21(here)
Bag : (here)

Shoutout to my girl Laura for these pics.
See you next time,don't forget to leave a comment!

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