I have been thrifitng like a manic lately and I have no intentions of stopping since I got some amazing pieces. Would you like to see a haul post?
Anyways, I thought I'd share a few thrifting tips with you guys.
1. Dress comfortably 
 I advise that you wear a skirt. In my experience most thrift stores don’t have a changing room. Trying on clothes in public is a lot easier with a skirt.

2. Patience
Sifting through tons of clothes requires a lot of patience so brace yourself or you might miss out on finding gems

3. Budget
It’s easy to just buy things because they are so cheap but I recommended budgeting to avoiding binging and buying unnecessary items.

4. Potential
Keep in mind that a lot of items you find might need to be tailored, don’t skip an item simply because it does not fit right. See TheChicNatural YouTube channel for ideas on how to upgrade thrift items.

5.  See it  Pick it 
Since thrift store are stocked with unique pieces, if you see an items of interest, pick it up and decide later. You don’t want to be in a situation where you leave something and go back to find it gone

Any more tips ?
See my shopping tips post for more info
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  1. Now if only there were good shops in my city, I would be a maniac with you!

  2. These tips are amazing! Also, I love the color you put into your outfits!


  3. Great tips. Like you rightly said dear, patience is key to successful thrifting. I love TheChicNatural's channel

  4. Love this post :)
    I am a thrift fiend so this is right up my street