I had a plan you know. That after graduation I would continue with my masters.
Though, that didn't happen.
Instead, I got a job which seemed perfect so I thought why not stay for a while.
I didn't like the job and I almost quit.
I've heard people say the perfect job is something you love doing.
I thought my perfect job would be something that pays me big bucks.
I should have tried harder at my job but I just couldn't.
I was finally let go 'fired' and was happy and relieved.
So now what?

Well I don't know but am I worried?
No, because God is in control!
Yes things might not have gone as I had planned but its going as he planned.

"For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. 
They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope"
 (Jeremiah 29:11)

Skirt: Street Market // Denim Shirt: H&M // Heels: Stradivarius // Purse: AIIZ // Belt: Workshop 

I wore this outfit to a casual meeting a few Saturday's ago. This skirt was previously styled here and here. These blue chunky heels right here are so comfy that I could even run in them.
What do you think of the different shades of blue in this outfit?

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  1. your faith makes you stronger girl and when you refuse to wrong great things happen.
    Your plan may not have worked but God's plans will never fail
    The Beautiful Eagle

  2. Cast your burden unto Jesus, for He cares for you. I'm glad to hear you're not wallowing in self-pity, but have understood that everything happens for a reason. All will be well in no distant time


  3. I think the different shade of blue turn out to be perfect in this outfit. Each color blend beautiful. I'm love the shoes especially!

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  4. Yes girl, that's needed positive energy. Will be praying for you love

  5. I love how positive you are about life. You inspire me each and every day. Love how you style this out fit, those heels are so adorable Xoxo

  6. Love the look! Are you dancing girl? You go girl! LOL. I hope everything works out with your job situation....You look cute regardless...:-)


  7. This look is gorgeous! Love how you played with shades of blue!
    And don't worry everything will work out, it always does ;) xo

  8. I relate so much to this post, and this gave me some encouragement. Stay blessed and gorgeous girl! :)

  9. You really killed it with this outfit!!
    And i love how encouraging to read your words, we always have to remember that there is someone higher than us.
    Lovely post.

  10. stylish look, love you skirt<3

  11. The perfect job is indeed a job you love, that I agree. I can relate to what you wrote, I hope you'll be able to find something you love. I love your outfit btw! xx

  12. It is well my sister. Keep your head up while looking beautiful errday. :-)

  13. Personally, I would recommend for you to have an experience in working for 1-2 years before continuing on Master :) So you will see things and understand more clearly that those who don't have experience. Love your skirt btw ;)

  14. you look really good girl!!

  15. Your faith is very admirable Sarah! As you stated God has a better plan for you so his timing for you will the monochrome look!

  16. love the shade of blues most esp the shoes

  17. Love this blue outfit! it looks so great on you. Dont be afraid about the future. when a door is closed a window will be opened. :)

    Givemeurdream Blog
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  18. 50 shades of gorgeous!!

    The strappy sandals are so chic :-)

  19. Love all the shades of blue in this look! And everything happens for a reason you will land you dream job soon!

    Oby Grace

  20. You have such a gorgeous silhouette <3 Love the skirt!

    - Anna

  21. I am loving your Chambray shirt,light blue heels and your gorgeous blue skirt!!! :) It is so perfect. Such a great combination.

  22. God absolutely has the best plans.
    Love the mix of shades.

  23. I love your smile :) keep smiling and never give up because God has a BIG plan for you,xxx
    loads of love from Lagos, Nigeria.