Trends come and go all the time and today I thought I'd share some fashion trends that I feel should be left in this year.

Disclaimer: This is not to bash or insult anyone. This post is opinion-based and an expression of my style preferences.

1. Birkenstocks
I really can't stand these shoes! I don't care how comfortable they are, they look just odd to me (especially on men). Maybe its because I am not a big fan of showing the toes hence the reason why I usually wear closed shoes.

2. Mules
Another foot-wear that I don't get. To me it reminds me of an older lady's style "old mama style" as Nigerians would say.

3. Sheer Inserts
Ok ladies, this needs to stop! Less is really more. This is pretty much being naked, I rest my case.

4. Sneakers with Dresses
While I have seen a lot of people pull of sneakers with casual looks, nothing confuses me more than a lovely dress paired with sneakers. I get that it's comfy but it just looks so wrong to me.

5. Maxi-Shirts
This is one of those over-exposed or should I say over-worm trends. I quite like this trend but in 2015 I'd like to see less of a craze about it.


6. Dungarees
Not all fashion statements or items are meant for everyone. This is one of those trends that I admire on others but would never dare to wear.

7. Tartan/ Plaid
Don't get me wrong, I love plaid but I prefer it in small doses. While I have seen a lot people pull off a full plaid on plaid outfit, for the most part it just looks busy with too much going on.

That's it guys! What are some 2014 trends that you feel should be left behind?
Feel free to disagree with me, it makes reading the comments more interesting.
See you next year!


  1. I must say this is a very lovely post, i actually do not like the polka dot on polka dot trend,
    sheer inserts,mules, all leather.
    The sheer insert madness is just so annoying, ladies took it too far. To say that a lot of people (bloggers) are just bent on following trends, they don't care about fitting and being creative ..jesh

  2. Lol the mules, I have mixed feelings. I like the Birkenstocks for extremely chill looks. I have nothing to say about the sheer inserts. Lol plaid has been over done in 2014. Let it rest!

    Thy Bliss Calls

  3. Lovely Post,pictures are great.

  4. The brikenstocks are one thing that i never understood.... Ok sure tgey were on the runway in new York and all and thats what i thought stay on the runway. Yhe shear inserts well if its just a pikaboo of skin its fine. I also dont like the mules its just a no no and plaid... Ok i love it when its done only one piece then again let it stay in 2014.

  5. I agree with you on some of these things. The maxi shirt trend was ridiculous in my opinion, not flattering at all. I'm not sure about mules really, I don't like them but some people pull them off excellently. You are so right about the sheer insert thing, people took it too far and it started looking trashy. Great post and happy new year!

  6. Oh no, I love sneakers on skirts, not the one on the pic though , I agree on only number 1 :-( dungaree are so ..... easy , free lol I love me some maxi2 omg lol
    Happy 2015

  7. I like Birkenstocks and sneakers but then I'm with you in almost everything. I hate mules, they're so ugly! Happy new year!

  8. I like Birkenstocks and sneakers , sorry they cannot go out style/fashion.

  9. wedge sneakers is another i so much hate. Yea that sheer thing? never likes it since day one,

  10. I 100% agree on all but! I think you'd look adorable in the overalls ;-)...I feel the same about the maxi shirt as I felt about those gold plated belts.

  11. Hayayayayyy! I actually like most of these trends except the long shirt one.

  12. police has spoken!! Nothing wrong with not liking it. I agree with you on the plaids - too much kills it. Too much skin with the sheer trend also isn't right like you said. Great post!!

  13. Yes those long/maxi shirts should definitely be buried in 2014. Never liked it. Just followed your blog. Feel free to follow mine so we can stay connected.

  14. I'm guilty of one and seven, but then again your choice was cool