Hey guys so as promised, here is the ankara head-wrap tutorial from this look.

1.Create a bun to add more volume to the head-wrap.Without the bun, the head-wrap will be smaller.
2. For bigger wrappers fold them into two to get a square shape ( the bigger the scarf or wrapper the bigger the head-wrap).

3. Then fold it into a triangle.

4. Place the scarf over your head and tie the two ends over the middle piece.

5. Make it as tight as comfortable.

6. Then twist the middle piece with one of the side pieces and move it to the back.

7. Tie two knots in the back.

8. Then tuck the remaining pieces in and adjust to satisfaction.

9. Now rock that head-tie with confidence!

Note: The final look of the head-wrap will depend on the material of the scarf or wrapper and your current hairstyle. Hence the thicker the scarf, the better. For a smaller head-wrap, use a smaller scarf or go with a less voluminous hairstyle.

 I hope this was helpful!

Head-warp: Mom's Wrapper // Necklace: Born Pretty Store // 

Compliments of the season everyone!


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