Whenever I am feeling uninspired I always hop over to Pinterest for some inspiration and trust me it always works.

I've been more obsessed with heels lately. I have also been seeing camel coats all around, wish I could rock them but its way too hot over here. One of these days, I shall have my very own pair of Louboutins (the dream). I'm loving the grey on grey tend, will be trying it out soon. I really need to diversify my make-up looks. Totally feeling the fall layered looks.You can never go wrong with a pop of colour to an outfit!
 I'm totally feeling short hair looks right now, thinking of cutting mine, thoughts?
The white patterned skirt is everything! I'm loving the lace heart-shaped detail on the dress. Did I mention that I have been loving turbans lately, been going through my moms things for ankara wrappers for head-ties (tutorials?)

*I do not claim ownership of any of these photos

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  1. Great inspiration doll!
    Happy monday

  2. The red skirt and white skirt is really gorgeous:!!
    The Beautiful Eagle

  3. Think about the pros and cons of cutting your hair. Can you deal with the in-between growing out stage? If your not 99-100% sure why not rock the turbans your loving or a wig, etc. (they're not permanent) and it does change up your look. PS still waiting for the Pinterest pin for this site. Take care.

  4. Oops, sorry, found the Pinterest pin.

  5. The top shoes you have there has me truly drooling. Omg is so pretty.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  6. Love this selection. Beautiful pieces.

  7. Well dear, I've been thinking of cutting my hair too, still weighting it out. All in all you have to be comfortable