So let's talk about shoes! First things first, I love shoes! I actually started my shoe collection last year. Prior to that I was not much of a heel's girl. Believe it or not but I bought a pair of shoes every month while I was in Bangkok. Though, I had my moments when I would binge and get more than two or three pairs of shoes at a time, if you've seen my haul posts, you'd understand. When my mom saw my shoes she said "you don't have shoes like a student" lol. It's all about priorities though.

No matter how many pairs of shoes one has, there are always those pairs that simply match most outfits. Today I thought I'd share with you my favourite shoes, if you follow up on my posts, you would recognize all these pairs.

1. Black Flats
For the most part I prefer pointed shoes. I actually bought this right before I left Thailand and I have been wearing it frequently. This is one of the few pairs of comfy shoes I own. It's so simple yet paired with an outfit it still gives the air of being dressed up. Plus it goes with everything, being black.

2. Chunky Sandals
The chunky heel is what I adore about these sandals. I stalked the Zara website for a while after seeing Shirley of Shirley's Wardrobe rock them. I finally got them on a 70% discount which was amazing. These heels are perfect for those casual looks and the chunky heels adds a cool factor in my opinion.

3. Nude Sandals
When I told my sister the price of these heels she inhaled deeply. They are one of my pricier pairs of shoes. I sadly did not wait for the sale since I had the money for it. Any-who, like the black chunky heels they add that comfy chic look.

4. Nude Pumps
It's no secret that these heels are my favourite pair. My sister thinks I need new shoes since I over-wear them but there is no crime in getting the most out of your investment. These pumps are my substitute for a black pair of pumps, I think  they look classier black pumps compared to.

5. Pink Pumps
Although a recent purchase these shoes have been my go-to pair for a pop of colour in my outfits. Luckily I found them while I was last-minute shopping before I left Thailand. Sadly I have scuffed them a few times on the road here and back home, oh well they still look okay.

I have had a few requests on a post on my transition from Thailand to Nigeria. I will definitely be putting up a post on that but I want to spend more time in the country and at the moment I am in Malabo Equatorial Guinea.

                                            What are your favourite pairs of shoes and why?


  1. Love your selection of heels. Each time you pair them with your outfits, you always do it right.

    My favourites are the chunky black and nude ones, I saw Shirley too in the nude. Even better the nudes were a great deal. Chunkiness = Comfort for me. Also these two are so easy to pair outfits with . Looove it

    The Cocopolitan

  2. love them all, especially the chunky sandals

  3. i love the chunky sandals

  4. very nice shoes

  5. I love the number 2!


  6. Love them all but my love for nudeshoes is just beyond,so i get. A favorite pair 'nudes'

  7. Lovely shoes!

  8. Awesome shoes!! I'm a shoe freak too, but I'm trying not to cut the habit of buying.

  9. I love those black scrappy heels! :) xx

  10. Love all your shoes! I'm a bit of a basics girl so I would pick the black pair!


  11. Great shoes collection. I'm so looking for a Fuchsia color pump like yours.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  12. That pretty much mirrors my current favourites too, bar the nude ones