You all know that I am a confirmed braidaholic (if that's even a word). I have been wearing braids for most of my adult life now, so today I will be sharing some tips on how to care for braids.

how I care for braids,

Let's begin!

1. To avoid damage to your hairline go for a less voluminous look. I love a full head of braids but they are sometimes heavier, harder to style and also cause hair loss.

2. For those of you who love full braids as much as I do, I recommend using Expression hair as it is very light and easier to carry. 

3. When braiding try to leave out your baby hairs. Though, this sometimes prevents your braids from looking fresh which is why I usually skip this step but a little hair gel can do wonders (Speaking to myself).

4. As much as I love playing around with different styles, it is advisable to avoid that. Braids are meant to be protective hairstyles after all which is why I try to wear my hair down more often to preserve my hairline

5. Another way to preserve the hairline is to mix cornrows with individual braids like in the picture below.

6. Oil your scalp as often as possible to prevent it from getting dry, then causing dandruff. I use Soulmate which makes my braids soft and hair well-oiled. Coconut oil is also a good choice

7. I've come across a lot of people with bad odours coming from their braids (I've been guilty too). These smells are caused when sweat doesn't dry. My advice is to blow-dry or air-dry your braids after workouts and avoid up-dos which cause a build-up of sweat.

8. To prevent damaging your hairline while working out, put your hair in a loose ponytail or better yet use a hairnet.

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9. It's advisable to wash your braids twice a week if you intend to keep it longer than a month. I usually don't wear my braids for more than a month (props of doing your own hair) so I usually skip this step.

10. Try not to wear your braids for longer than 6 weeks so as to avoid tangles in the hair which could then lead to hair loss. 

For more tips check out Breanna's video, which I found very insightful.
Now onto you, how do you care for your braids?


  1. you braid your hair yourself?super cool. well i love braids and i love to style them in many ways but thanks for the tip,will have to take it easy then.


  2. Was just thinking of doing braids this week lol .Thanks for the tip and you are right,holding them at the top is not always a great idea but for me its makes my face look thin.... and end up ruining my hair
    Thanks for your tips


  3. @En_kay Ede, I've been doing my braids for years now, living in Thailand and not wanting to spend the ridiculous prices, I decided to learn and I've noticed that my hand is better for my hair (less breakage)
    @Wenludihoh, Welcome to the braids community lol. I love holding my braids at the top too, since as you said it makes my face look thin. I guess it all depends on your type of hair, how tight the braids are and also how often you wear braids.

  4. I'm totally obsessed with your high waisted pants!

  5. @fabulous perks, totally unrelated but thanks lol.

  6. Get tips Sarah. I wish I was doing these when I was wearing braids. Mess up my edges ugh.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  7. This is actually very accurate. i love doing braids because to me its way easier to manage than weave.

    Simply Uneeke

  8. @Kreyola, I learnt the hard-way too
    @Simple Uneeke, thank you. I'm honestly not sure since I've only done a weave once (it was bad though) but I love that braids look more natural.

  9. wow you make your own hair, aren't you pure gold, this tips are great! going to braid right away