You don't need to know people to get to where you want to be. God already knows everyone and that's all you need.

Pastels, spring trend, beige, baby blue, pencil skirt, pop of colour, chambray denim shirt

Pastels, spring trend, beige, baby blue, pencil skirt, pop of colour, chambray denim shirt

Pastels, spring trend, beige, baby blue, pencil skirt, pop of colour, chambray denim shirt

Pastels, spring trend, beige, baby blue, pencil skirt, pop of colour, chambray denim shirt

Pastels, spring trend, beige, baby blue, pencil skirt, pop of colour, chambray denim shirt
Photography by David Audu

In my earlier blogging days I made it a point to never repeat clothes once they were featured on the blog. I felt that people expected us, bloggers to always wear new items (I still feel this way). Of course, this stemmed from the fact that I was mostly following veteran bloggers who either blogged for a living or had full-time jobs that paid big bucks. My dilemma did not help my student budget as I often found myself shopping for the sake of the blog (impractical of me).

Overtime I have realized how ridiculous I was. Blogging is my hobby and honestly I have not made a dime from it till date. So why was I investing so much of my money into it? I don't shop as often as I'd like since I limited myself to shopping once a month. In fact, as of now I have not gone shopping in over 4 months. I also don't have a closet full of clothes especially since I gave so much stuff away before leaving Thailand. And most times, I tend to wear the same pieces while neglecting my other clothes. I don't see why my lifestyle can't translate into the blog. After all the goal is to be able to recreate outfits using wardrobe basics as mentioned here.

You might remember this skirt as I've styled it herehere, here, here and here. I consider it to be my closet staple since it goes with most of my clothes. I wanted to rock the pastels trend as I did here so I paired my denim shirt with the beige skirt. Quick tip, adding a pop of colour to an outfit makes it more interesting.

Skirt: H&M || Purse: Zalora Thailand || Denim Shirt: H&M || Shoes: Thailand
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While new clothes are great, some of us can't afford it all the time and it’s okay.  If anything it allows us to be more creative in our outfit pairings. What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. You look beautiful:) Love your skirt and shoes:)


  2. Just keep being yourself, it doesn't matter what you wear, but how you wear it. Liking the denim look!

  3. I also had the same thought of not repeating clothes on the blog but after sometimes I realized that I can create different looks with the sames outfits without shopping for new clothes. I would also suggest that thrift shopping can be an option as you shop for less xx

  4. Hi! I usually don't comment much on blogs, but I just need to react. I've been following various fashion blogs for a long time, maybe 6 years. At that time, I think fashion blogs really were about showing the readers that you don't need to buy expensive designer clothing to be stylish. I think they were about building many outfits with affordable clothing without having to shop evey week. During the past years, I could watch the transition of many bloggers from Zara and H&M to Acne, Chloe or The Row. Most bloggers get a lot of their clothes for free from companies and wear it once. That is something I just can't relate to. I can get inspired, but I have a budget that doesn't allow me to shop every month. I love that you always link to previous posts where you styled the item you're wearing. Because that's what normal people do, they wear something many times and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. :) I love the quote at the beginning! God bless :) x

  5. I totally agree with you. In reality, not everyone has a walk in closet filled with clothes which still has tags on them. The ideas is always to style the same pieces differently and in new exciting ways. Of cause you can bring in newer here and there for that fun fusion.

    You look absolutely Gorgeous.

  6. @Blogoratti Originality is key, thank you
    @Bernadette I totally agree with you, in fact I even thrift more these days
    @Madlenka I actually didn't think of that but you do have a point. I also think some bloggers can afford it since they seem to have well paying jobs and there's nothing wrong with that. Thank you so much from your feedback, it really rare to get great feedback like this. The quote was actually an afterthought, glad you like it
    @Sharron I agree, mixing new items does help.

  7. Sarah you look awesome, and I also found myself at one point thinking I had to "shop" for my blog. Well my pockets AND my closet put an end to that real quick! Lol, while I LOVE fashion, I have also got to be mindful that they're really just clothes we adorn ourselves with. People love us for US. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. @Kishina Lol I feel ya on your pockets butting an end to shopping. As my mom always tells me don't spend on your money trying to look good, save some

  9. The point of me blogging is to show people how to mix things I totally agree with u on this...we are not billioniares lol but we will get there and maybe shop every week lolll :D

  10. Thanks for this said it all.

  11. I completely agree. People always expect to see something new and different, but sometimes there is that one piece that makes us feel really great and for you its that skirt. Which by the way is absolutely amazing! I mean come one, theres a million ways you can style one item of clothing. Show your skills girl! :)

  12. Nice outfit! Love the touch of color in the shoes
    I'm following you on GFC hope you follow me back!

  13. Lol. If I hear that I don't repeat when I'm not jadore fashion -_-
    Mine is even worse sef. I don't shoot outfit posts for blog sake alone, I must actually be going somewhere . you guys are the real heroes.

    1. Loool!!! I love ur comment.Sarah is doing a great job. Thumbs up girl.

  14. Beautiful Captures=)

  15. You look amazing !

  16. @Larisa I wish more people saw it that way. Lol we will definitely get there one day by God's grace but in the meantime we just have to be resourceful
    @Kimberly tell them girl, thank you
    @Cassandra Lol, if I only shot outfit pictures when I went out there will be no outfit posts on my blog lol. I usually spend most of my money on clothes and then have little for going out.

  17. I can totally relate! I think that my blog exists just because I have the creativity (I say this with humility) to mix my clothes in thousands of different ways and create new looks with what I already have. I can't shop a lot, in my country clothes are very expensive and the economic situation is not very good for most of the population.
    I love to do what I can with what I have, I think that's like the motto of my blog.
    You look amazing! I love the skirt. The shoes are perfect.
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  18. pretty!

  19. I love how you made all the colors work. It's a beautiful and practical combination. I also love your hair.

    I can totally relate to this post...I have found myself in a position where I wear clothes only once...which is not practical. But I did 'sit back' and realized that I don't have to do so for the blog, after all it's just a hobby....and I can't keep cleaning out my closet every month to bring in new clothes.
    It feels good to finally have someone talk about some of the inner dilemmas bloggers face.

  20. I completely understand your dilemma, I wanted to wear lots of new and different outfits in my earlier blogging years as well (i still do) but with time i understood that restyling is the major inspiration for my readers because not everyone can afford to buy new clothes all the time. Some readers look up to us to help them recycle pieces from their closets and repeating pieces from our closet on the blog in multiple ways helps and also seems more realistic especially for us students who don't have full time jobs or blog for a living.
    Blog monetization helps some months are better than others but this isn't steady income so i don't see the reason to only wear pieces once and keep spending money on new items all the time.
    Modavracha | Blog

  21. I don't think I've ever re-used pieces in my fashion posts though I only have done just three...I don't have a budget for clothes either considering I'm a broke, sixth form student... I think having a small closet allows you to re-use clothes in different ways. And I think that's fashion. Re-piecing to create something new.

    I love your hair down by the way! Looks beautiful <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  22. Waoo! I just did a post mentioning somthing similar about rerocking your look and its nothing to be ashamed off. That its one thing every blogger should know. You look good doll

  23. You actually thought of doing that? Hehe... Well I'm glad you got over it, because like you said, its ridiculous. But you know what, I do agree with you on the veteran bloggers. Even though these kind of bloggers are good to look at, I find most of them uninspiring, because I can't relate to them in anyways. They are too perfect for me and wearing all dem expensive clothes. With that said, I can say you're a good blogger, because you find diff ways to style your ensemble. I do that all the time, because frankly a single working mother like myself can't afford that shikimiki lifestyle!! BAM!

  24. Love it! You look great and I totally agree that we as bloggers should re-wear clothing! Gorgeous look!

  25. seriously, you're such a beautiful person!

  26. @Euge I love your motto, creativity is key
    @Lintet new clothes are great but there is always a limit, glad you like it
    @Oyinye, new content is great but I believe restyling pieces is even better. It's nice that you've figured out how to monetize your blog.
    @Bash you took the words right out of my mouth "Re-piecing to create something new"
    @Buiti I agree with you girl, we should not be ashamed to wear what we have. We are ordinary people after all
    @Missy yea in retrospect that was pretty silly of me. I feel you on what you said about veteran bloggers, though some are relateble, thank you
    @Tailoredandtrue @Annielee @CuteBusyBee thank you

  27. It's true that most of the "famous" bloggers or the ones who do blogging for a living can afford to buy as many clothes as they want to feature them on their blog, I'm pretty sure the majority of them don't even have to buy as much though because they get stuff for free all the time. The luck I have (if I can call it luck) is that I loved shopping already, and even before I started blogging, I really liked getting dressed and stuff, so I had quite a lot of clothes, so at first I could do different combos with different clothes, but even back then, I would re-feature some items. Even though my style definitely evolved throughout the years, and I did buy more clothes, it was never because of my blog, it was mostly because I loved it and wanted to get it. I still have clothes I bought and never shared on my blog for no valid reasons, and I have pieces I've worn and re-worn a lot in different outfits because I love them that much.
    Anyways, I'm glad you stopped buying clothes solely for your blog, because at the end of the day like you said, it's your hobby and it wouldn't be as entertaining (and enjoyable) if you had to be broke for that. Plus I love how you recreate different looks with similar pieces.

    And I love this skirt btw


  28. @Diane, I agree with you, a lot of Veteran bloggers have sponsors and often do collaborations. I also love shopping and I often did it but putting outfit posts 4 times a week requires a lot of clothing. It's not that I only shopped because of the blog, I also shopped because I like buying news clothes but there were times when even with a limited budget I would still shop to keep the blog going, that what I mean. Overtime if you've noticed, I reduced my outfit posts and now put up a variety of content to control my need to keep shopping. Nevertheless, whether shopping for the blog or simply because I want to, it's always a source of fun for me but the goal is to keep the blog up without going broke.

  29. I totally agree with all the point you saying. I always feel strange when I feature pieces that I have worn not so long ago. I just feel like realistic, my closet is not there yet where I can have months of different outfit where people don't remember a particular piece here or there. I love how you wear the same pieces and mix it up to make them different in many ways. Keep it up.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  30. I have the same thoughts on repeating clothes... but for me it's more about not repeating "looks" instead of clothes because I have some favorite pieces that I really cannot just stop wearing. But I do agree, being bloggers we're expected to always have something new, it doesn't necessarily mean we have to spend every dime we have for clothes. I think it's all in the matter of how we mix and match and that really tells how well of a blogger we are.

    Keep it up with the mixing and matching, i think you're doing an amazing job.

    xo, Carla

  31. Woah, woah, woah. There are people out there who will be upset or make a big deal if you wear something more than once? Who has the money to wear clothes only one time? Girl, "ain't nobody got time for that." Hehe.

    I re-wear clothing all the time. I don't give a sh*t. To me, it's important to show versatility and creativity with fashion. That's hard to do when you can only wear something once. Actually, I think it shows lack of imagination. So, I'm glad that you've decided to listen to yourself and not other people on this one!

    As a thrifter, I love seeing how people are able to breathe new life into garments that have been worn multiple times. There's nothing wrong with having an appreciation of what you have as opposed to throwing away stuff and constantly replacing it with new, shiny things. :P

    - Anna

  32. @Kreyola thank you. Sometimes I try to space out the time in which I re-rock pieces but there are just those items that I gravitate to so now I can't be bothered.
    @Carla I feel you on what you said about repeating looks especially when it comes to shoes. I have a tendency to constantly wear my favorite shoes while neglecting the rest.
    @Anna Lol at "aint nobody got time for that but you are right. I have had several comments of people saying I remember these pants or that top, whatever though. I definitely agree with you on what you said about fashion being versatile and creative. Thank you.

  33. Ahahaha we posted similar posts almost at the same time! How cool!
    Girl, you already know my thoughts on this topic and how I too used to shop for the blog and wanted to do what the "big bloggers" did to get famous as well but now i say screw that! lol
    Oh how is Naija by the way? I have plans to reach there within the next year. I'm thinking Lagos!

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  35. Everyone has said it all, according to missy may the shikimiki lifestyle isn't for everyone. I don't have a thousand clothes, so I have to werk the one I have. it's not bout what you wear but how you mix it. I find it absurd when there's a celebrity repeat offender case, do they expect em to wear and trash?? Like seriously that's what washing machine were made for.

  36. @Brenda lol screw that indeed. I'm not in the country at the moment, I wish you were coming to Abuja instead but have fun at Lagos
    @Sogie "Like seriously that's what washing machine were made for" I love what you said lol