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 In all honestly I have never seen the point of dating for the sake of dating. I don't understand why people get into relationships just because. Call me old school but I feel dating should be something done because you see a long term commitment along the way. Then again, we all have different reasons for dating. I guess the trick is to make sure who ever you end up with has the same goal in mind as you do . As for all my single people, enjoy life. When the time is right you will meet the one.
What are your thoughts on this?

Pants, Shirt: Vintage // Shoes: New Look // Purse: Zalora Thailand

This was my outfit to the Pandora event I talked about here. I was unsure of the dress code but it's better to be overdressed than under-dressed hence I went with this makeshift jumpsuit. I usually have a hard time finding a jumpsuit that fits well so when I found these two items I knew they would pair nicely. You might recognize these trousers from my look-book here. I wore the top backwards and added a pop of colour with my blue heels. I then opted for only a belt since I felt it made enough of a statement. I was going to share my funny story but recent events inspired me to share this. As always, thank you all for the comments.


  1. The color is very pretty on you. Very becoming.

    I've never understood how dating interferes with books. I've always dated and I have a doctorate.... But you shouldn't marry the 1st guy you date. You didn't buy the 1st car you drove. Nor do you buy the 1st garment you pick up. Show show know what you want in a man that you will (a) share the rest of your life with and (b) share your body with... just like you know your personal style.

  2. Beautiful outfit! And you speak my mind, Sarah--it's almost scary how much I can relate to this! It mostly seems like society and media keep telling us to "try as many things as we can"--including number of relationships. When I was younger, I thought that dating and breaking up is the normal thing to do. It wasn't until I started to uncover the Biblical truth that I realised that the concept of dating is seriously flawed, that we're not supposed to try and if it doesn't work out, move to the next one. I've never had a proper boyfriend, only a couple of dates and there's nothing wrong with that. He knows the right time for you and for me.

  3. --Sorry, I accidentally posted the previous comment sooner than I wanted!
    I won't pretend though--sometimes I think it would be nice to have a boyfriend, but then I realise I have quite a lot of activities in my leisure time and where would time be if I was dating? haha And I've also seen people around me change once they started dating someone. They start using "we" instead of "I", they never have time to meet you alone etc. I think being single has a lot of benefits we can make use of while we're in our (early) twenties! Why date?!

  4. And one more thing--sorry for the spam, I'm just excited about (virtually) meeting someone who has similar views on this topic. That's very rare in my atheist home country of the Czech Republic. Thats another thing--finding Christian boys here is nearly impossible! haha Are there similar issues in Nigeria? (I know that there are lots of Christians (and Muslims), but it can be an issue in Christian countries that people officially call themselves Christians without really living it.)

  5. I can totally relate with this because that's what a lot of my friends tell me. dating is exhausting as hell. but the one that is truly yours will never keep you waiting or keep you bemused...lovely outfit. PS: I love your style


  6. Lovely look!)

  7. Dating is amazing to boyfriend is my first actual boyfriend. Honestly I hated the idea especially because people always made a big deal out of it and I just couldn't be bothered. The freedom is great.It sha doesn't and hasn't affected me in any way but that doesn't mean you should change your views...
    Girl I thought you're 23..nothing to do with your appearance,just the way your blog works. Very mature.please remember to greet me next time because am turning 21 this month..

    Love the outfit and ofcourse...the shoe too

  8. @Penelope your missing my point. I'm not saying dating affects a persons studies entirely. What I mean is that my upbringing contributed to my thoughts on dating but it's more of a personal decision. And I honestly see nothing wrong with marrying the first guy, when it's right it's right. Thank you for commenting, I respect and appreciate your views on this.

    @Madlenka lol girl spam away, it's comments like yours they make me motivated to write posts like this. Society has made people take dating less seriously perhaps it's because of the sexual immorality going on but I believe it's a wasted effort to date someone you don't see yourself marrying. I totally feel you on wishing to have a boyfriend from time to time, we are only human after all. It's nice that someone agrees with me. I honestly thought I would get a lot of opposing comments but then again it makes it more interesting. As for finding real Christian guys to date, I would say its a lot easier here since people are more dedicated to God. Nevertheless one must always be careful cause appearances can be deceiving.

    @Ene yes girl when it's right it's right, thank you

    @En_kay I'm not saying dating sucks, I just feel it's a wasted effort if it's not going to lead to something bigger (marriage) in the future but that's just me. As for the effect of dating, everyone is different. I remember having friends that completely changed when they started seeing someone. Most people usually think I'm older since I act more mature than my age so it's ok. Happy birthday in advance girl.

  9. Beautiful picture, beautiful outfit and beautiful thinking. My dear you focus on your God and your career and the right one will come from God. Dating is not bad necessarily but it can be so if you can avoid it and be just fine, why not?! Btw love that pink color, I think it works great on our darker skin tones especially

  10. Love this look girl, I actually had this mentality that boys actually interfere with studies based on my upbringing and my teachers advise to some extend this is true especially in Primary and Secondary. All in all God always has the best person in store for each of us and when he comes by you will definitely know. Thanks for sharing xo

  11. Haha you are so right,I think most people just date because others are doing the same or because it appears like the normal thing to do thanks to the media but I believe no one should rush into the arms of the first guy that crosses their path.Nobody should have to tolerate just anyone that's why I applaud you for your honest opinion.If you're not interested you just aren't and there's nothing wrong with that.With your values I'm sure you'll get a perfect one some day.You have a lovely jumpsuit there and the blue shoes give an amazing contrast

  12. Sarah, when you look the way you do, you don't need a man! Look at you, wow! Men are not worthy to look at that gorgeous makeshift jumpsuit! I love it! I never understood why people dated and broke up until recently, but then again, I've also realized I'm not the most romantic girl in the world. To each their own, I guess. I think God has a plan for all of us, it just might take a little while.

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  13. Waoo! double wao!! So that mean my brother can come for you then lolol
    You look gorgeous

  14. yaaay u are back!
    nice jumpsuit too! as for dating, i think i get what u mean. best to not focus on that for will happen when it will happen

  15. You guys been killing me with colour... All my favourite bloggers just colouring!!! You look so good in pink love
    On the other matter, There is always a best time for everything and eventually everything falls in place at the right time and you doing it just right love ,but I hope you not sending the boys away hehe
    Lovely week!


  16. Love the look, I adore the jumpsuits!

  17. I think that everything happens when it has to happen, not before nor after. You focus on important things and then everything comes along.
    You look amazing in that jumpsuit! Love the shoes. The colors go great together!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  18. OMG, You are a father's dream come true :) lol
    anyway love, you look so good, and that bag :) i love itttt......

  19. awhat a great outfit, It is such a beautiful pink color! I think its great tht you have your own set of principles! I also thing there are other things far more important than boys and being in a relationship is NOT a validation of the kind of person you are. Great post!


  20. I can agree with you on the fact that it's pointless to date someone just for the sake of dating, but at the same time I don't think everybody that gets in a relationship does it just to do it. Some people genuinely believe in love and when getting in a relationship don't expect to break up, but stuff happen. Plus you can be deceived by people, it's easy to give the image of the perfect man/woman but eventually the truth always show up.
    Anyways, I love your outfit, I also thought it was a jumpsuit! Great combo! xx

  21. @Yvonne Yeah pink really suits us. As for dating I'm not saying dating is bad, it's just not my priority at the moment.
    @Ifere Although I had that upbringing as well I honestly think boys will only affect your studies if you allow it. God's timing is the best so wait I shall.
    @Sophie Thank you girl, the portrayal of dating by the media and society definitely impacts us. I pray to find the perfect guy someday.
    @Bash lol girl I guess I'm not the most romantic person after all. As for God's timing patience is the key.
    @Buiti lol you have a brother? Sha I'm not read oh!
    @Fola I've been back for a while now. And yes it will happen when the timing is right.
    @Weluditoh Thanks girl, now you know I'm turning down the boys from left to right lol.
    @Euge yes girl you took the words right out of my mouth.
    @Wanjiru lol girl I'm far from perfect but I try.
    @Life's a shoe Exactly! I couldn't have said it any better.
    @Diane I didn't think of it that way but I definitely see your point. I always look forward to your comments, thank you

  22. Makeshift jumpsuit...shocker. It's so convincing...there must be a Fairy with you whenever you shop.....getting two separate pieces with the exact same color which are pair-able is not an every day occurrence.

    I second Diana's comment too, at times people are genuinely in love and they believe that they are in a relationship for better for worse...but then life happens and you let go hoping to find love some other time.
    On the other hand though, there are people who can't be alone, they just want someone to give them attention so they'll date anyone just for that feeling....maybe that's where they go wrong. Anyway, all the best with your love's all about meaningful companionship...all in God's good time.

  23. all the comments above express my thoughts

  24. Ah! I love the style of your jumpsuit, you look lovely.

    You've given me an idea for my next DIY sewing project, thank you :-)

  25. Omg I just remembered! I was driving past and saw you doing this shoot, I remember coz of the bright pink. I really admired the effort you were putting in but I couldnt stop to say hi coz I was in a hurry. Good job hun!

  26. Wow! u r 20 going on 21 (who remembers sound of music) On the positive side, u don't look it one bit, u look more mature and ur dress sense is great