My usual corner at an event but I surprised myself this time by barely eating anything

Pandora Charms

Bloggers in action

Di'ja, I honestly didn't know who she was at first. She looks different from the Dorobucci video but isn't she gorgeous?

Christine and Monique, these two ladies made my night.

 Charlotte Obidairo, CEO of Pandora West Africa

The Operations Manager of Pandora, I didn't tell her but I love her head-wrap.
With Ronke, I wish you could see her outfit from head-to-toe cause she nailed it especially with the trousers.

The highlight of the event, met bloggers Portia and Grace finally!

Hey guys, remember those days when I used to post consistently on Sundays? Well I miss them don't you? 

Anyways, This past Saturday I was privileged to attend my first event as a blogger which took place at the Pandora store in Ceddi Plaza, Abuja Nigeria. This was also my first time at the mall and let me tell you I was both excited and nervous.  For those of you who have never heard of this brand, Pandora is a top selling jewelry brand worldwide. All their items are hand-crafted and made solely of gold, silver and the finest stones. In the past I always walked past this store as it screamed luxury and for those of us on a student budget you know what that implies but we will get there some day (goals). That is why I'm thankful for this opportunity as it gave me a chance to get to know more about this brand.

While I find the items to be quite pricey, it is quality after all. I love the branding and concept of this jewelry store “Unforgettable moments. What they do is that they attach each charm on a bracelet to a memory, whimsical right? Their earrings were my favourite part of the collection as I’m not really into necklaces or bracelets. I met some great people and I look forward to more events like this.

Stay tuned for the outfit post and a funny story!
Have you ever shopped at Pandora before? If so what was your experience like?


  1. More reason to spend really, especially for the guys. I speak from experience. I've been to one before at Westfield, but I didn't go of my own free will I dare say.

  2. @Blogoratti, I didn't think of it this way, Aya for you but not for the lady Lol.

  3. Very lovely pictures. Fashion bloggers repping...

  4. At least you met up with other bloggers, real nice

  5. Cant wait for the day i meet other bloggers, especially you, cassie, buiti, dee mako. Seems like you had fun lol.

  6. @Damie yes girl
    @Cassandra that was the highlight of the event
    @Simply Uneeke yeah it was, I look forward to meeting you as well

  7. Such gorgeous look and amazing photos!! I really love Pandora!!
    just met your blog and I love it!! I´ve started to follow you on g+
    xx, Natali

    100% natural & homemade cosmetics => sano sanisimo

  8. That's a very beautiful place and congrats on your first event as a blogger.You look amazing in pink and how lovely that you got to take a photo with Portia and Grace

  9. wow that store is beautiful, and the jewelry too omg

  10. Qué evento tan ideal guapa!
    Tu look divino como siempre, eres fabulosa.
    Geniales las fotos, muy bien documentado todo.
    Besos mil princesa.

  11. Oh wow, the place is gorgeous! Pandora has got some beautiful charms even if they are on the expensive side <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  12. Pandora suits them, most of the items are awe-inspiring. I like what you wore to the event, especially the color.
    I also wouldn't know Di'ja if you hadn't mentioned Dorobucci, she looks so different from the video.

  13. Beautiful. Everything looks so pretty.

  14. looks like such a good time. I've been to that pandora once they have a nice collection

  15. Must have been so much fun you guys had..haven't been to any Pandora outlet,would like to but there's none over here in the east. Nice outfit too.

  16. Looking forward to the funny story. Couldn't see the complete outfit but I can already tell I'm going to like it. Congrats on your first event.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  17. Beautiful pictures, blogger and brand events are always fun.

  18. Nice pieces at the event I must say! I hope you had fun!