As simple tip when putting together an outfit is to go for wardrobe basics and then use accessories to spice up the look. A person's style and personality is usually evident in the type of accessories they are drawn to. This is your guide to eight quick ways to spice up an otherwise simple or basic outfit. 
Click on the captions below the pictures for the full outfit.

1. Jewelry
You can't go wrong with some bangles, earrings, rings or a statement necklace. 

necklace, jewelry,

2. A Bomb Pair of Shoes
One can never have enough pairs of shoes but with statement shoes, you don't really need more. So invest in a great pair of shoes, this is my statement pair as you've probably noticed.

booties, lace-up, heels

3. Statement Belt
Sometimes all you need is that one belt to take your outfit to the next level and Melissa does an amazing job with this.

statement belt, metallics

 4. A Pop of Colour
A little punch of colour just adds an amazing contrast to a look. I like to add pops of colour with my shoes or bags.

pink, colour blocking, pop of colour

5. A Scarf
For more inspiration on how to rock a scarf check out this post.

parisian inspired, denim skirt, basics

6. Makeup and Hair
Fashion is from head-to-toe which is why makeup and hair is crucial. Now if you're like me who can't really be bothered with makeup, then a good (fleek) eyebrow and bold lip will do just the trick.


7. A Touch of Denim
I don't know about you but I just love the edgy feel that a denim/chambray shirt adds to an outfit.

chambray shirt

8. A Head-wrap
Head-wraps are not only great for bad hair days but are also perfect for finishing up a look. Check out this head-wrap tutorial here.

headwrap, turban, head-tie, leopard print

How do you like to spice up your outfits?


  1. Sarah, you're such an inspiration. Nice post.Thanks for the tips.

  2. I usually spice up my outfits with one of my favorite metallic belt like that one in picture number 3. Bangles or jewelry is always a good idea if I want to take things up a notch. Great tips you shared here. 💕

  3. All wonderful looks and ideas.

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  5. I totally agree with all this ideas.x

  6. Thank you so much for sharing. Very lovely tips.

  7. YES to all. I think statement jewelry really spice up outfits - if only I was interested in wearing bold jewelry :(

    Berry Dakara Blog

  8. Yes girl!! I love all the outfits.

  9. Definitely the headwrap, scarf and jewellery add that extra pizzaz to an outfit.

  10. I love your style. The belt is awesome.

  11. Yassssssss, but in my case sadly i cant do make up, but make up really does complete an outfit.

    Simply Uneeke