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Every time I get on the net or scroll through my Instagram feed I ask myself "where is our generation going to?" When did nudity become a fashion statement or mean you're taking a stand? What happened to women being encouraged to dress modestly? I keep seeing celebrities posing nude and saying they are standing against body shaming and bullying. Why do they have to do it naked? Why can't we women take pride in our bodies by covering them? When did it become okay to walk around with your breast out for all to see? I sometimes wonder why some people even bother wearing clothes. God created clothes for covering but these days it seems that people would rather be naked. Please understand that I am not judging, this is just the cold hard truth.

When will this generation learn? When will we women learn that dressing that way only attracts the wrong kind of attention? Don't you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit? Comments on your body may be nice but they are empty and meaningless. I mean what respectable man goes round telling random women nice butt or breasts and why would you seek after words like that from strangers. Beware of any guy who only talks about the way you look and neglects your mind and character. May God help us all to see the truth and embrace it.

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. Hmmm. While I'm not going around trying to be naked, I think that some of the body-shaming opponents are trying to pass a message across that they're comfortable in their skin. Now, whether you're getting that message or not is an issue of [miss]communication. I guess I'm kinda neutral about it. Maybe I've gotten too used to just seeing near-nudity around.

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  2. @Berry I too am used to seeing near nudity around which is why I just turn my eyes and shake my head at times but it's still something that bugs at times. As for celebrities saying they are comfortable in their skin by posing nude, why don't they do this with clothes on. I appreciate your feedback, thank you

  3. I admire those who believe in both spectrums, but I agree with the Rihanna's of the world. I think they are doing the nudity thing right. The when, where, and why for nudity, is more important than just the nudity itself. We were born without clothes, and neither Adam or Eve were clothed in the garden. There is power in saying I can walk this world without man's garments (Man created clothes), and bask in God's sun with the naked body he created. I would like to ask you, why must a woman be clothed to be respected? The idea is that your body is a sexual entity only, and that is why you are afraid of your own nakedness.

  4. The topic of sexualisation and nudity is a fickle one which I have various views depending on the time and day.

    As a semi-religious Muslim girl who feels most comfortable wearing long-sleeves and wearing the hijab on most days, people would assume I would be one to degrade women who do show their bodies on social media or anywhere else. But I'm not, and fully embrace what women want to wear or not wear on their bodies so long as they don't reprimand me for my choices. I take pride in covering myself in a society that dictates that I should be this and that, and be what they want me to be.

    While I understand your exasperation with these women and celebrities, these almost nude photos come from a rebellion against the stigma around women and their bodies. Women are being shamed by men, acting as sexual deviants and being exploited by the media. By putting themselves up and being proud of their skin, it becomes an act of defiance and reclaim of their sexuality. They become the sexual subject than the sexual object, having the acceptance to wear what they please.

    I think the real question is not why nudity is the new normal, but rather why we are so cautious about nudity in the first place? Why women getting both shamed when they show too much skin or show too little? Why are we so quick to judge women for promoting their own bodies while men have been exploiting us for decades?

    Long story short; you do you, and I do me. And perhaps we should the bigger picture of why things are than what they should or shouldn't be. <3

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  5. @Dominique it's good to see you back on the blog girl. Thank your for taking time to share your thoughts but in my opinion the W's don't necessarily matter, nudity is nudity. Now if your bringing in the religious aspect with Adam and Eve, keep in mind that yes they were naked but sin made them aware of it which is why God gave them clothes. Clothing is not man made, God created it but men fashioned it. In a perfect world like the time of Adam and Eve before sin, nakedness would not have been an issue or thing of respect. In our world though women are respected based on attire because those are the values that are planted in the society. Your dress determines the way people treat you and that's just it.

    @Bash although I don't necessarily agree with you, I like how you've presented your opinion and I see where you're coming from. I take pride in covering myself as well based on my society and while I do believe women should be allowed to dress as they please whenever they want to, there is a time a place for everything and sadly it is not in our world where people are judged based on how they dress. While I understand your explanation of women as sexual deviants, I think it doesn't really make a difference whether they embrace nudity voluntarily or because it is imposed upon them. As I said in my first reply, in a perfect world things wouldn't be as they are in our world. And I do agree with you, it's a matter of why things are but I don't think something can be done about that. But as you said you do you and I do me. Again thank your for your insightful reply.

  6. Definitely agree with you. I think that too many people have lost their shame and that's the reason they show their nudity, it is also a way to gain fame for not very wise people, without talent, which want to exist in show business (like bad actress or singers without good voices).
    Btw. I think that every woman looks better in the pictures wearing short dress or even the lingerie than being nude.

  7. I totally get your point and agree with you.
    Yes we are comfortable and we've accepted all our flaws and hate body shaming doesn't mean we should walk around naked. We all have different opinions and views but I totally disagree with Dominique clothes were given to us by God and there's that saying bout dress to be addressed , so I don't think you are afraid of your nakedness if you actually cover it up that's more of having respect for yourself, knowing you don't have to be naked to feel sexy.
    Majority of people love the attention they get from the nudity, they feed on that attention and comments they get, it makes them feel sexy.
    Was watching some music videos and the dancers were barely clothed but the main love attraction was covered I asked why? The man beside me simply said sexuality sells.
    Different people different opinions some people will tell you the nudity empowers em, some people still believe in decency.
    Be fashionably covered, show a lil skin once in a while but never bare It all
    As Bash said do you and I do me.
    Love this post

  8. I dont see why people go nude, bcos they show off body parts that have flaws and are not really something that could attract the publics view but its popular now and its crazy.

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  9. How is you being nude going to destroy body shaming? body shaming is a personal thing, so you being nude isnt ging to make me stop hating my body. If anything will make me hate it more because now i get to see how good you look and i look nothing like that. I dont care what anyone says or tries to say, i dont support nudity for both men and women, i dont understand why you have to walk about naked. To the person who said Adam and Eve were naked, are we in the times of Adam and Eve? why is it okay to reference back in the days stuff for this but when it comes to other matters we quickly say "we have evolved and its not necessary", well we have also evolved and being naked is not necessary.

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  10. I love modest clothing so i am biased on the subject. What I don't agree with is the fact that we put more importance on woman who prefer to wear very unquestionable things, and pose while doing very unquestionable things in public. Aka instagram. I will say this bluntly, If I choose to wear less clothes,pose in lingerie, or skin tight clothing I would have a total different social media following. And the scary part is alot of these woman have had procedures to alter their body so not sure the message they are trying to convey about being comfortable in their own skin or about body shamming

  11. @Jointy&Crossianty I definitely agree with you. Nudity seems to be a means to popularity for the less than smart people out there. And while a little clothing is better than none the fact still remains that it's still a little clothing.

    @Sogie I feel you, just because you're trying to promote a positive message, it does not mean that you should be nude. It's all about the right balance, showing a little while still leaving some to the imagination. To me covering up is like saying I know my worth and I respect myself and except you to respect me too. As you said dress the way you want to be addressed. Glad you enjoyed the post! Missed ya on the blog girl, welcome back.

    @OdohNnenna well whether It's flawed body parts or perfect ones, it really should not be shown.

    @ChiDinma Yes girl preach it. We have evovled and nudity is not necessary. People really need to stop doing wrong things to promote a right.

    @SimplyMissJ I am also biased in the area of modest clothing but rightfully so seeing the way people are dressing. Now as for the Instagram thing It's mostly for popularity rather than promoting a cause, as Sogie said sexuality sells.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read and leave your thoughts. I respect all your opinions and they are highly appreciated

  12. You just said it as it is. Nudity is becoming the norm. All in the name of making a statement,some women go all out and dress indecently,leaving so little for the imagination. I just hope with time it'll phase out like some trends usually do. Modesty over nudity any day.

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  13. This is a very interesting topic. While I can understand those who say they try to spread a message across with showing their bodies, I don't believe they need to be naked for that. The thing that got me really intrigued was Amber Rose's "Slut Walk" that happened recently. I mean, While I do respect the (real) message of this march I don't like the way they spread it. It's sad that nudity is becoming the norm, as you don't have to be naked to prove that you are comfortable in your skin. Also I think that while it's true that a lot of people feed off the attention they get from exposing their body, some actually genuinely like wearing short clothes because they like it, not for some attention. Now what I don't understand are the ones that wear barely anything and put it on social media, or the "ass shots" or "boob shots". Getting popular for showing your body is nothing to be proud of. The thing that annoy me the most is girls calling themselves "bad b*tch" or any other words like this. Like, is that something to be happy to be?
    The sad thing too is that a lot of the younger generation grow up with this mentality that it's normal to show your body and they don't realize that they're actually no "good" in that.

  14. I agree with most of the statements above. It's one thing to be comfortable with the way you dress, but you also (debatably) have the responsibility of making sure others are comfortable around you as well. For example, how many people think that exposing half of your butt or giving full view of a nipple is suitable for kids to see? What about my husband/partner/brother that is trying to keep his mind pure and resist temptation for his significant other?

    Bringing it back to the bible, in the New Testament there are verses about not doing anything to cause your brother to stumble. So if you're 'nakeding' yourself all for people to lust after you and covet your body, you're doing it wrong sis.

    In another vein, there is nothing powerful about being an attention seeker under the guise of 'promoting a positive body image'. To be honest it shows weakness and not much intelligence either.

  15. It bugs me too! I've written a million and one posts voicing the very same concern. I believe it sends the wrong message to the upcoming generation that self worth is based on aesthetics. Women are more than the size of their cups or the width of their waists. I'm tired of knowing the inner workings of female anatomy yet men are praised as dapper, donning 3-piece suits as evidence of their success. I don't know when it will change, but I sure hope it does sooner rather than later


  16. You are so right! I can't believe my eyes when I see some celebrities wearing almost nothing and getting praised for their stylishness. Are they supposed to be role models for other people? I seriously don't understand when it became a norm to show skin so much. Women's confidence should be based on entirely different things than other people's approval of their bodies.