In the last hours of 2015, all I can think is wow, God had been so faithful. I can't even begin to explain God's awesomeness this year. This year wasn't really one filled with big accomplishments but it was definitely one filled with lots of lessons learned.

I learnt how to speak things into existence and keep a positive mind in all things.

 I learned the importance of surrounding yourself with a support system that motivates you and pushes you to be your best.

I learned how to be happy for others even if life may not be smiling on me. Remember I talked about my struggle in this post? Celebrating others just makes you happier rather than envying them and feeling sad.

 I learned the necessity of making actual goals. This year I didn't exactly make defined measurable goals and it showed in my achievements this year so yup, I've learned my lesson.

 I learned the importance of doing things that make you happy. Life may not have been perfect this year but blogging was the one thing that really made me excited, sure I had my ups and downs but I kept pushing.

 I learned patience. Waiting sucks but at times it's necessary. My NYSC experience definitely taught me how to be patient.

 I learned how to be thankful. I always say I'm privileged and I thank God for that. If you can't be thankful for where you are now how will you get to where you want to be.

I learned that life doesn't always go as planned and that's okay.

Finally, I learned how to have faith. God is a prayer-answering God and he proved himself more than ever this year. Praise him!

You may not have achieved all you wanted to this year but be thankful for life because only the living has hope for the future.

What are some lessons that you learned in 2015?
See you in 2016!


  1. Cannot really put my lessons into words but I think I will join Cassie and say this year's theme was 'becoming' especially becoming more aware. And I am super grateful for the year both good and bad.


  2. This year has been awesome, although I diddn't achieve all I wanted but I got all I never expected. So some of the lessons I have learnt is to be patient in all things I do, to be hopeful and always be happy in every situation I find myself. And also be thankful and never doubt what God can do.He just keeps surprising me.
    Happy New year in advance
    Leeznijis Blog

  3. Happy Newyear in advance love

  4. Happy new year dear, all so relatable dear. This year is going to be great for us.

  5. I learnt how to be content and grateful...
    Expecting greater things to be grateful for this year:)
    The Beautiful Eagle

  6. @Dleonalife, becoming I like that
    @Elizabeth I see we learnt similar things, happy new year.
    @larisa, happy new year.
    @iyesogie, it definitely will
    @The Beautiful Eagle, expecting greater things too

  7. Well,God really is faithful.Certainly some great lessons there.I wish you a blessed and happy 2016 and may you get to achieve your goals.

  8. Woow you learned some amazing lessons!!