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Hey guys, wow the last time I participated in the monthly bloggers collab was on the them body-con, do you guys remember the outfit post?

Today's theme is all about sparkles which is perfect for this holiday season. Now, I don't really do sequins but I decided to challenge myself for this months collab. So I reached for my moms old sweater, which is over 15 years old. I simply paired this sweater with a white dress shirt as I felt it was too plain on it's own. I then opted for my white jeans and pumps, all closet essentials.

How are you guys celebrating the holidays this year? In Nigeria we like to go all out by cooking tons of rice with meat, dressing in new attires, rocking new hairdos and visiting friends and family. Though, honestly I'm a bit over everything. Maybe it's because I spent most of my childhood abroad hence I didn't really grow up with the tradition. Also living in Thailand for all those years didn't help since Christmas is just like any other day over there. This is the first Christmas I'll be celebrating with my family in almost four years but it's still weird as we are not all together, sucks though. So I'll just be chilling at home and helping my mom to entertain guests as people like to come over for Christmas rice and money. 

Sweater: Mom's Closet || Jeans: H&M || Shoes: Bershka

So how are you all celebrating Christmas?
Compliments of the season everyone!

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  1. I love your look and the other girls look great too!

  2. Lol you're a fool for mentioning that 'people like coming for the Christmas rice and money' lmfao! But I definitely know what you're referring to.
    Oh and I love your version of sparkles, that's one gorgeous (and obviously) strong sweater to survive all those years. Happy holidays.x

  3. You look so amazing.I love how you threw the sparkle over the monochrome.Perfect and I would definitely wear this

  4. Your and the other girls looks great ! lovely outfits!

  5. Chic and lovely sweater! You made perfect outfit with it!
    You and the other girls look lovely!


  6. Nice sparkles sweater! I like to wear my mom's old closet too,sometimes their look cool! ;)
    Visit mine
    Flower or Crepe

  7. Lmaoo @christmas rice and money.naija people sha...
    Am not even bothered about this new hair and all that. You look adorable though..loving the clutch

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous...I absolutely love your blog btw...

  9. You look so chic in that outfit, like a classy santa lady :) I really like the sweater!! Gorgeous! xx

  10. That is so interesting! I love learning about Christmas in other countries. I hope you had a lovely time! Anyway, I don't think I own anything sparkly because I kind of lack opportunities to wear such things, I always prefer simpler things/colours.