Hey guy, I know I can't believe it's been a whole week with no post, my apologies.

Times have changed people, gone are the days where I shopped like crazy, bought new shoes every month and stored clothes I didn't wear.
While, I'm not exactly broke, I just can't afford to shop the way I used to (naija is hard). So if you're a chic like me who doesn't have as much cash to shop till you drop, then this post is for you!

Tip 1. Thrift
I could go on and on about my love for vintage. As I stated in my last post, vintage not only helps you to stand out, it also helps you save a lot of money and still get quality items. If you're not sure how to go about thrifting, then check out this post (here) for tips. Perhaps I'll do a full post on why I thrift. 

Tip 2: Sales
If you can't buy full priced items then why not wait till sales? Now in Nigeria, sales are not as crazy but our online shopping sites are doing a great job. TNLdesigns is even on sale now. And sites like Jumia, Payporte, Eve&Tribe, 5KShop have sales and discounts from time to time. You can also try Asos, well at least when the Naira behaves.

Haul post Here 

Tip 3: Think Basics 
Focus on building a wardrobe with all the wardrobe essentials listed here. You might not have money to shop consistently but the trick is to invest in items that can easily be styled in multiple ways. Before buying something, ask yourself, where would I wear this to and how many ways can I style it?

Tip 4: Tailored 
Since coming back, I've found it quite hard to get affordable clothes that suit my style. But with custom-made clothes you just buy your fabrics, get your design and there you go, clothes made specifically for you. Unfortunately tailors are unfaithful but we  can follow the footsteps of fellow bloggers Grace and Enkay, in learning how to sew.

Tip 5: Save
My last and final tip is to save. Sometimes you have to deprive yourself of certain things to get that item you want. If it's a pair of shoes, then rather than eating KFC, eat Buka food so you can get those shoes. 

What tips would you give to a fashionista on a budget?


  1. Great tips Sarah! I think waiting for sales is a great tip besides a lot of these stores will have great sales after a short period of time or waiting for holiday promotions. Here we just had valentines day and Presidents' Day sales which is better than nothing. I also think thrifting is great because the prices are usually a lot less but unique pieces which have clearly stood the test of time ha. Anyway hope doing well in Nigeria :)

  2. I have never had any luck with thrifting, I keep telling myself I need to be patient. Sales on the other hand, I have mastered the art scooping good items on sale haha! Great post.


  3. I agree with almost all the points, I love the idea of planning well and saving so that when sale alerts come towards the month end am ready to shop and above all basics is a major way of laying the foundation of all outfits.
    Great tips dear Sara


  4. @Yvonne I agree waiting for sales is great, we just had one for Valentine's day as well. As for thrifting, items that stand the test of time are definitely it. Nigeria is great. Thank you
    @Sharron, ya girl when it comes to thrifting, patience is key. Thumbs up to mastering the art of shopping on sales and Thank you
    @Wenluditoh thanks girl and yes saving is always worth it when there are sales.

  5. Nice post Sarah.i hope 'Bend Down Select' translates to your definition of thrifting too! Lol.

  6. As in the naira should behave oh, thrifting for the win. Definitely before you buy it should go with what you have already in you closet.
    Most of these naija online stores have not seen the real definition of sales...they are still playing.

  7. Thrifted! Think Basics! Save! Tailored! These are really smart tips! Need to find some really good thrift store soon. It takes a lot of patience to find the best treasures when thriftng I must say. I got my first and best mom jeans from a thrift store, the fit was just right.



  8. Great post.
    I can't even remember the last time I shopped.a girl has to save.
    One really has to invest in basics.those are life savers.
    Will still send you that mail...school is just dulling my life.lol
    Thanks for the mention hun


  9. I am not a fashionista but i am always on a budget! LOL

    buying stuff on sales is actually very amazing! i love a bargain anytime, any day!

  10. I totally agree Sarah, thanks for the tips.


  11. I totally agree with the patience when thrifting.. I take hours going through clothes and end up with one treasure (that is totally worth the time used up). Great tips.


  12. @Alma lol not always but you know now
    @Iyesogie yes o, they are still playing but they are trying small small sha
    @Thecocopolitan, yeah girl my best pair of boyfriend jeans was thrifted and yes patience is key
    @En_Kay can't remember the last time I shopped either girl and dont be surprised, I might get to you first.
    @Omolara that's the way hun, living below your means.
    @Doreen thank you
    @Thank you, patience is it.

  13. Great tips! I love sales but when they come I find that I haven't saved for them lol so it just means I have to do without bread that week!