Hey guys! 
What comes to mind when you hear the word vintage? Well, for me I think of bold prints, scarfs, flares, billowed sleeves, buttons and high waists.
Now, if you're an oldie on the blog, then you probably know just how much I love vintage pieces.

So why vintage? Well its cost effective, especially for a lady like me on a budget. Not to mention the uniqueness of the pieces, don't you just hate being caught wearing the same outfit as someone else? And finally with vintage, you can stay on trend without breaking the bank. So there, have I convinced you yet?

Photography by Victoria

So I thought it would be great to collaborate with Desola of Deemako, she has an eye for vintage as is evident in her vintage store. Not to mention, Desola just has a way with vintage items that just makes sense, don't you agree? 

Now for my outfit, I decided to break out of my monochrome theme of late and do a bit of colour blocking with red and yellow. I reached for my must have vintage piece, a pair of highwaisted trousers (styled here) and then added a scarf to spice up everything. Don't you just love how the scarf compliments the colour theme of this look? I aslo love that  Desola and I incorporated scarfs into our looks. 

Just a quick tip, scarfs not only help on bad hair days but are also great for adding a little something extra to a look. You can check out this inspiration post for more tips on styling a scarf. 

Trouser, Scarf, Top: Vintage ||Shoes: Forever 21 || Bag: Street Market 

Would you rock this look? Also, what's you take on vintage? 

Be sure to check out Desola's outfit details and tips on her blog (here)

If your a blogger or brand that would like to collaborate, then shoot me an email at One of my goals this year is to do more collaborations


  1. You definitely had it at cost effective, love the pants....your scarf game is on point. Vintage for the win.

  2. I love the pants..and you do so well with scarfs.
    Our collab time has
    Will definitely send a mail.

  3. You both slayed it....I love your pairing.the colours are AMAZING and bold. Totally inspired

  4. I love your style boo!!

  5. Love that you both did scarfs! And. I love your pants too

  6. I'm really impressed by this outfit! Gorgeous trousers, scarf and everything looks perfect in this set!
    Desola also looks beautiful and stylish!


  7. I am also slowly falling in love with everything about the vintage looks especially the scarfs and highways pants
    You and your friend both did a great job
    Enjoy your day


  8. In my head, all that is missing concerning your outfit is a cute bicycle. Desola looks good too. Love both outfits.

    Epiphany29 'N' Tang Collaboration

  9. y'all know I love vintage so much. your outfits are like valentines gifts to me

    My Style Diary

  10. When I hear vintage, floral print comes to my mind. I am loving the pants and how the scaff spices up the look. Desola's outfit on the other hand, very vintage and timeless. Love both looks.

  11. Love this look Sarah! Loving the color combo..are all the pieces you're wearing vintage?

  12. Thank you all so much for the awesome feedback

    @Iyesogie yes oh, vintage for the win
    @En_Kay I shall he expecting then.
    @Grace gigi lol
    @Sharron, hmm florals never thought of that and thank you
    @Janet, yes hun well that is with the exception of the purse and shoes

  13. Love both of your take on vintage. The scarf the glasses and high-waisted pants, heck yeah! I like vintage or thrifted pieces but I get more thrill buy new things on sale combined with coupons. But sometimes the price of vintage pieces cannot be matched by stores selling new stuff.


  14. yup, totally! vintage finds are keepers. I love vintage too but i guess you're luckier cost most vintage stores i find here are quite pricey too. not sure why.

    i love the scarf, totally made the outfit!

    xo, Carla

  15. I love the pop of color and that smile..

  16. Perfect color combo! looks great on you!

  17. I really like the color combination in this outfit!

  18. I like your look. Vintage has this timeless look that oozes class. I love vintage too.

    Whenever you can, i'd love to have you check out my blog and share your thoughts with me. The url is

  19. I love both your look, so gorgeous!

    Yolanta x