If you been following my style evolution then you would have noticed my love for anything high-waist, especially trousers. I'm not particularly curvy, I believe my body is proportionate especially when I maintain my average weight but the truth is I generally like to hide in baggy clothes. 

 Today, I'll be dishing tips on how I rock my favorite closet staple, High waist trousers. Now I've been asked where I get my trousers from? Well that easy, vintage never fails. I got all these pairs while I was in Thailand but in my post on how to find the best vintage items, I mentioned several Nigerian stores that you could possibly get trousers such as these. Who knows maybe I'll launch my own vintage store.

Let's begin!

Click on the links below for the full outfit

Tip 1: Belt it in

My favorite way to rock high waist pants is to simply tuck in and belt it, I believe that's when the real beauty of the trousers comes out. Also belting it creates a balance especially when you're going for a bit of an over size look. Also cinching in your waist is a great way to give the impression of a smaller waist.

Tip 2: Crop it Up

Another great way to rock this staple piece is to pair it with a crop top. Crop tops are great for dressing down what would otherwise be a formal outfit. You could always leave a bit of your mid-section to show but I prefer to cover up everything.

Tip 3: Turtle Necks
I can't leave out my turtle neck tops which is a closet essential, I love how these wardrobe basic add an understated elegance to outfit pairing. Not to mention with turtle you don't need to accessorize with a necklace.


Tip 4: Belted Scarf
The belted scarf look is a great way to spice up formal trousers, while still adding warmth in colder climates.

Tip 5: Off-shoulder

Pairing high waist pants with off-shoulder tops is another way to add a bit of sexiness to an outfit. Off-shoulder tops are also great for dressing to a more relaxed environment or maybe a nighttime function.

Tip 6: Blazer

Last but not least, blazers are great for adding structure  and formality to an outfit.  Just be sure to pair a blazer that has a cinched waist especially when your opting for slightly flared trousers. 

How do you like to rock high waist trousers, Also what is your favorite look?


  1. Wow
    you really know how to style high-waist trousers
    Great look

  2. Great looks.

  3. You definitely know how to style high-waist pants! I love all the looks, especially both all pink looks!
    DeeVine Anonyme

  4. really nice tips love! I enjoy your style very unique like you!

  5. You wear them so well. The belt trick makes it look more stylish.

  6. You always nail it with your high-waisted items. Lovely styles.xx

  7. I almost forgot about what the post is all about as am admiring your pants in each photo. These are pants that you just can't find anywhere sara I wish i could go shopping with you oh!
    Tips are on point as you know how to maximise your wardrobe so well
    enjoy your Week


  8. I adore high-waisted trousers and skirts too. Great tips and beautiful outfits. I always wear crop tops with high waisted clothes.


  9. Wow, you have quite a number of high-waisted pants! Isn't it great to know what your style is?!

    I like the crop tops with them.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  10. Very nice inspiration. I love wearing high waists with crop tops and the turtleneck idea is great too

  11. amazing outfits :)
    please follow my blog : YOUNG BLOG

  12. Très jolie!
    Bisous :-D

  13. You sure do know how to rock the high waist trousers. Great post sarah!

  14. You definitely should not hide behind baggy clothes! You look stunning and you rock those high waisted pants! My favourite way is the crop tops but I love the turtleneck look too.


    Em xx

  15. Love the way you style these trousers!

    Lovely style

    xx, H

  16. Everything except blazers, for some weird reason its just not my thing.

    Simply Uneeke

  17. You took home the money, honey! Love how you styled high-waisted trousers. My fav is definitely the one in purple: simple, chic and elegant.


  18. I love the third look (the turtle neck top). I need high waisted trousers now! Thanks for the article :)