Photography by Victoria 

Happy new month beautiful people and welcome to the second quarter of 2016. God has been awesome! 

So my mom marked her birthday anniversary yesterday and I couldn't help thinking how lucky I am to have such an amazing woman as a role model. Growing up we didn't always see eye to eye but the older I get, the more I realize how blessed I am. My mom is a big influence in the woman I am today.

So this post is dedicated to her, I will be sharing five things that my mom taught me. 

1. Relationship with  God
I was brought up in a strong Christian home. As early as I can recall, my mom drilled into me the importance of having a relationship with God. She was always there to make sure we prayed together and kept up with our Bible reading. I'm so blessed to have parents who are deeply rooted in God 

2. Sacrifice and kindness 
My mother has sacrificed a lot for me and my siblings. She was always around to give advice and listen. She's taught me the importance of giving even when you don't have.  She embodies the proverbs 31 woman. I pray to be able to mother my children the way she mothered me. 

3. Modest is the hottest
Remember my post on does the way you dress really matter? Well my mom inspired it. She has instilled in me the importance of dressing modestly but yet still fashionably. Sure we may clash on some of my clothing choices ( sleeveless, shorter hemlines) but I've found a balance in everything.

4. Honesty
If you've spent sometime with me then you know that I can be very honest, I got that from my my mama.  Life is so much easier when you don't have to stress over unsaid things. Though I'm still learning how to speak less because not everyone appreciates honesty. 

5. Saving
This is still one of my weaker points as I'm still learning this but when you have a mom like mine who knows how to hold money, then you've got to learn. I sometimes wonder how rich I would be now, if I practiced more of this habit, but hey I'm still learning. 

What are some lessons your mom has taught you?
Shoutout to the amazing moms like mine! Now I would post her picture but my mama has this thing against online pictures.


  1. Happy Birthday arrears to your mum.
    Mothers are really strong and amazing people.Idk how they do it. Super women.

    Am with you on the cloth part..I always ask myself how my mother would feel if she saw me dressed in a way that's not modest.

    Lovely post

  2. lov your outfit, i love post 3

  3. This is a sweet post hun. It made me emotional. Not seen my mum in like two months now though we talk every week. Its great to show appreciation to our mothers. Love your outfit too.xx

  4. i love this :). such a sweet post

  5. I love this style. The pink purse actually brings life to the whole outfit.

  6. Happy Birthday to your Mum! She must sure be just as awesome as you Sarah!
    Great pants up there and tips are on point.
    Enjoy your Weekend