Hey beautiful people!

Guess whose birthday it is today? Well it's none other than my favorite man in the world, my daddy! 
This post was supposed to be up a lot earlier but situations out of my control brought us to where we are right now. 

My dad is an amazing person, the best role model out there and if you've met my dad then you'd definitely agree with me. We not only look alike but as my mom would say; I took after him in many other ways.

This post is a tribute to him; I'll be sharing a few things that my dad has taught me.

1. Love for God
My dad always says; hold God like an egg because in this life we can't do anything without him. My Dad's success today is a testament to his relationship with God and God's presence in his life. I'm so thankful to have such a strong spiritual role model. Seriously in another life I probably would have been a pastor's daughter, who knows maybe it'll happen is this life.

 2. Positive thinking and words
I'm sure you've all heard of the quote "speak things into existence", well my dad lives this. When my dad is sick he would say I'm very strong, he always proclaims positive things and that has really impacted on me. So much so that I try to see the positive side of everything and constantly proclaim God promises in my life.

3. Confidence
My dad is the most confident person I know. Though not in a cocky way just in  "I know who I am and what I can do sort of way". Growing up, my father instilled in me this self belief that I still posses till today. I believe with a little faith in God and ourselves, we can do anything! 

4. Relationship
Thanks to my dad, I see what I want in a relationship and family. The commitment and honesty I want in my future partner. Thanks to the love I've seen in my dad, I know my worth and know that I can't and won't settle for anything less than I deserve.

5. Prayer
I can't remember a time that my dad ended a call or text without praying for me and my siblings. In fact when trouble strikes before thinking of anything else, I pray about it or bring out my anointing oil.

I've learnt so much more from my dad, subconscious lessons and unconscious attitudes. All in all, I'm thankful for my father. If everyone were privileged to be raised by my parents,
this world would be a better place.  

This is me saying thank you Dad and happy 52nd birthday! 
Fun fact, my das calls me princess hence my blog title, Princess Audu.

Shout out to all the amazing dads like mine, what lessons did you learn from your father? Be sure to check out my tribute post (here) to my mom on her special day. 


  1. yeah we are a pretty lucky bunch...

  2. Awww...lucky you
    My dad will forever be my role model..I don't even want to get into it because I may end up writing a post in this comment rest his soul

    Happy Birthday to your dad...I see where the beauty comes from

  3. This is a beautiful post. I try my best to show him he is appreciated. One lesson I have learnt from him is to always see positive in all things, as difficult as that can be. This post has made me miss him and am literally going to call him now lol. Happy birthday to your dad. Stay blessed.x

  4. This is sooo sweet omg. Happy birthday to your dad, my dad's love for God also inspires me to trust more in my faith. This is so lovely <3

  5. Happy birthday to your dad. I would say the biggest lesson i have learnt from my dad is to practice kindness, love & patience. He is the patient man I know.

  6. This is so nice, your Dad is really Dapper! No doubt you took after him. My Dad taught me to always be optimistic no matter what challenges I face, he taught me hardwork and to always have multiple sources of income, he also taught me to never feel bad when I fall, cos according to him, life is a race and we can't win all the time, we gotta win some and lose some. I love him so much. This post is great dear. Hope he is coming here to read it lol...

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  7. Ahww your dad sounds like he has an amazing personality!

    Love, Fads

  8. Such a lovely post Sarah! Happy belated birthday to your dad! You make me miss my family.


  9. Beautiful post and you have very good father! Happy birthday to him!


  10. Love this post, happy birthday to him... wishing him all the best and long life. May he never lack and may you always bring him joy.
    One thing I've learnt from my dad is never take life too serious always have time to make a joke.

  11. @Peter Yes we are
    @Enkay RIP to your dad and thankyou
    @Stephylately, thinking positively is definitely imporantant and aww that was my intent with this post and thank you
    @K.C. nothing like strong role models to keep you motivated.
    @Sharron patience is an admirable quality and thank you
    @Theshakaragirl, so many great lessons and of course, I sent him the blog link
    @Fahda well yeah girl he does, thank you
    @louisa thank you
    @Jointycroissanty thank you
    @Iyesogie, amen amen and amen. Thank you!

  12. Awww, this was sweet to read. He shares the same birthday as my grandpa. He seems like a really good father and a great example to you guys. You're blessed to have him. Happy Belated Birthday to him.

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