Several weeks ago I broke down and had a good cry afterwards. And looking back at the events leading up to that moment I guess I was stressed. It had been an emotionally trying week for me and there  I was just hanging in. On the outside everything seemed fine, heck I didn't know anything was wrong.  

Yet there I was crying profusely, confused as to the reason for the tears, angry when the tears would not stop falling and crying even harder when consoled. And I'm not even an emotional person, I can't even remember the last time I cried before this. Now what happened? Well there was a misunderstanding, an exchange of words and attitudes between a collegue and that was all it took for me to snap.

We humans like to hide behind the fact that everything is all rosy and peachy, smiling and answering "I'm fine ", when asked how we are doing. It is okay though. Why should we worry about situations beyond our control. But I want you to think, or remember how you felt in that moment when you were going through trying times, waiting for that word or sign to push you to keep on going. Well this is how some of us out there might be thinking or feeling. Appearances can be very deceiving as they say.

So what am I trying to say? I am not writing for my sake as I'm okay just
 Please, please be careful of the words you say and attitudes you exude because they have the power to make or break someone else. A lot of us might appear strong on the outside but on the inside we are going through turmoils. The Bible said it better
 "Pleasant words are as honeycomb, sweet to the soul and health to the bones". (Proverbs 16:24).  
Let us learn to be people minded when saying and doing things.

Now if this is you out there, I want you to know that you are loved, God loves you and he is always thinking about you. Hang in there, there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel and finally say to yourself that it is well because the heart believes what the mouth confesses.

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  1. This is so true.. We totally need to be more mindful of what we say. Some people are really sensitive and we must take that into account.
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  2. Insightful post Princess. Good you are holding on to the word of God as it strengthens and gives peace.

  3. So sorry to hear that your so stress at times. We all feel that way and sometimes it's better to let your self cry than to hold it in. Hope everything is okay.

  4. @Kachee that true
    @Elsie that just it
    @Sincerely yeah I agree and I'm doing great, no cause for concern actually.

  5. We are all human and sometimes it reaches a point when one can't take no more.. Talking about it helps quite a lot my dear. This is something that I can totally relate to! Hope you doing much better now...

  6. Being a person who minds what she says is so important... I pray that the Holy Spirit will console you and help in your relationships with people around you. We all struggle on the inside.

  7. Wow. I know what this can be like. Glad you pulled through, and thanks for the encouraging words. Someone out there always needs it