This life sometimes, no one knows what the future holds. You can be here one moment and gone the next. Life is all about risks and taking chances. Makes you just wonder why we can't just exist?

The other day we received very tragic news that one of our colleagues who is also a NYSC Corper died on the road while travelling home. I'm not even going to pretend that I knew him or that we were close, he was a nice fellow and we often exchanged pleasantries but this really got me thinking about a lot of things in life. I can never understand why God allows certain things to happen. Death has a way of making you question certain things in life.

We tend to take so many things for granted at times. We travel all the time yet, nothing happens to Us. We sleep and wake up everyday. We can breath, talk, walk but yet it is never enough. We just want to keep making that money or chasing the next greener pastures. Though I wonder why bother if nobody knows tomorrow.

Death sucks, but it's just a reminder that every day we have to live is an opportunity that we must never take for granted. Sure, life may not be perfect but you are Alive. You have the chance to do anything with your destiny.

Please guys lets learn to make the most of every opportunity before the thief called death steals it away from us. Every day of life is an opportunity to do something great, please lets not waste it.

"The dead cannot sing praises to the Lord, for they have gone into the silence of the Grave" 
(Psalm 115:17 NLT)


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  1. Sigh. May he rest in peace. We almost only have these thoughts when death strikes. May God help us to live right all the time.

  2. I'm so sorry about your collegue.
    Death is really frightening for me (I don't mean my death only) and good question - "why we can't just exist?"


  3. May he rest in peace. Sometimes I wonder why we were even created and then die. I don't like to think too much about it.

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  4. I pray he rests in peace, that is so tragic. A life lost is always hard to take, thanks for the post lovely.