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So we're back with another segment of confessions of a blogger, if you missed the first post on my blog photography then be sure to check it out. 

Now I've been blogging for almost 3 years now (wow I can't believe it has been that long) and I've come to rely on some tools which aid me in blogging. So in this post I will be listing 5 recommended blogging tools for every blogger.

1. Bitly
Ever struggled to fit a link in a post on twitter? Well this tool helps you shorten your links while also giving you the added benefit of tracking the traffic from the link.

2. Microsoft word
Ever read a post and stumbled on mistakes and errors? Well I hate when that happens but when rushing a post or not having time to proofread, then it is unavoidable. Which is why Microsoft word is a great option because it helps  you check your grammatical mistakes.

3. Postcron
While I was in Malabo Equatorial Guinea I was unable to access my Facebook page as it was blocked. Hence I asked my brother to help me out in keeping my page alive and thereafter he introduced me to this tool which allows me to schedule posts on my social media handles. This helps me stay consistent on Facebook and twitter especially, while I'm busy or preoccupied. 

4. PicsArt
I mentioned the importance of this tool in my first post on my photography. At times when you have no access to a computer to edit you're pictures then this tool is great. It has so many features which allows you to perfect your pictures. Did I mention the cool filters on the app as well. 

5. Clotify
Last but not least is Clotifywhich is a tool I was recently introduced to. It's like a combination of Instagram, Polyvore and likeittoknowit. It's a virtual wardrobe that you can carry in your mobile phones. You can take photos of your clothes for your wardrobe and make it public or private. Ever wanted to borrow clothes from other people or brands? Well this tool allows you to do that and create style collages. Not to mention that you can actually plan your day to day outfits on the application rather than in your head. It is also a great place to get inspiration and meet people. You guys can download Clotify.com for free from the App Store or Google Play.

What blogging tools do you recommend?
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  1. I really need to start scheduling my social media posts. I don't know why I'm being lazy about it :(

    Some of the tools I use are Lightroom, Paint.net, sometimes even Paint. Oh yes, and Canva! I use Bit.ly or Goo.gl to shorten my links when I remember to post on Twitter. I think that's it for now.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Trust me hun, scheduling posts is one way to be stress free and once it's done you can just be lazy. I've Heard about lightroom alot, I'm going to download it. As for Canva I still have'nt figured it out yet.

  2. Well I'm with you on pics art(my fave) and microsoft word. I don't type directly. I have to write first on microsoft. Though I need to try out that postecron.


  3. Honestly, I'm amazed at the number of free resources there are out there, and I'm so excited by it all! Bitly is great for shortening links. Bufffer I use to schedule tweets sometimes. I hear Canva is great for posters. Looking to try that soon.

    For grammatical errors, the better one is actually an App called grammarly which picks up much more errors than Microsoft Word. So that's def a better recommendation.

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    1. Right so many free tools though the premium offer is never free though. I've heard of buffer,I'll look into it more closely and thanks for the tip girl

  4. Amazing! That Twitter one I never knew!

  5. I use canva, vsocam for my pictures and buffer to schedule my posts on Twitter. Would definitely try out the other tools you recommended.


  6. I love love love Bit.ly. I also use it for my Twitter handle. Like Thonia, I use Buffer for Twitter as well and you can integrate Bilt.ly into Buffer (major time saver!). Thanks for sharing!


  7. I just started to use Bit.ly and i love it, buffer is cool also. Would definitely check out clotify.

  8. I use picsart and snapseed for mobile editing, would definitely check out postcron and clotify


  9. I use canva, vsco and PicsArt for pictures. I recently started scheduling with buffer. I need to start shortening my links, so I'm definitely going to try out bitly.
    Thanks for the tips.


  10. Glad you all found the post helpful

  11. This is such a helpful post that I have bookmarked it because this weekend I am going to research some more on these tools. I really need to up my game. Thanks again

  12. I currently use Canva and word dream for blog posters and cards, after light,vsco,and snapseed for pictures!!but I'm gonna download buffer and bit.ly right now!iv heard too many good stuffs about them ..,well done girl!!


  13. I use either Buffer or Hootsuite for scheduling posts. I love picsart too. Quite easy to manipulate.
    Laitanbee Blog