Marina Resort Calabar, Cross River State

Head pounding as if someone was knocking on my skull, eyes burning and body hurting I walked slowly, staggering slightly from side to side and praying to dear God not to fall on my ass like the last time I slipped and fell here. There I was hoping that someone would show concern by offering help or asking what was wrong but at the same time dreading the question. And in that moment of unsteadiness and perhaps the worst feeling of unhealthiness, I felt so alone, completely and utterly alone. I could feel the waterworks coming in, tempting me to just give in and cry my heart out. 

Cry at the fact that I was surrounded by people, strangers on the road and yet felt so alone and inconsequential. Cry at the fact that nobody seemed to care if I died at that moment. Cry at the thought that no one even noticed or saw just how much I needed help or how weak I was. Cry at the fact that my well meaning friend who had walked me to the bus stop, left me alone to fend for myself despite my very unsound health. But as strong as the temptation seemed,  I looked up and smiled, convincing myself that I was not alone. I had me and even better I have God. I chose to smile off the loneliness and choose happiness. 

Now I'm not writing this for you all to feel sorry for me, please don't,  I'm okay. I just couldn't help but think that there are people out there who feel this way everyday. Dying slowly inside, silently crying out for help and yet receiving none. If that's you, I want to let you know that you are not alone. Choose happiness, choose to smile and cheer yourself up. You have yourself and only you can choose to be happy. And what's even better is that my God loves you unconditionally. Yes God Loves you, please talk to him. Know that no matter how bad it seems you are never truly alone, never forget that!

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  1. Oh this moments happen to everyone! I just have to be more sensitive and ask people how they're doing each time I see them.
    We have to really care for people sincerely.
    Thanks for sharing this is a reminder for me.

  2. It's really scary, the amount of people dying inside and putting on a smile at the same time. Love how brief and powerful this post is.
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