Hey guys,  so taking note of suggestions from my giveaway post,  I intend to do more posts dishing fashion tips.  Let's begin shall we? 

Are you one of those people that constantly goes through the predicament of having nothing to wear yet you have so many clothes? Do you sit in front of your wardrobe for hours trying to decide what to wear ? Well this predicament may have something to do with your wardrobe, and various style choice.

 If you identify with any of these scenarios then this post is for you. This post will outline reasons why you lack what to wear and give you tips to overcome this. Let's begin shall we?

1. You lack wardrobe basics

A lot of us struggle with finding what to wear because we lack the basic closet essentials. Whether it's a white shirt, a pencil skirt or statement belt, all these little items make dressing up a lot easier when they exist in your wardrobe.  So invest in classic and timeless pieces that can simply be styled in various ways rather than chasing after trends that will only last for a while. Still unsure of what basics to invest in? Then this list of 17 wardrobe essentials should give you a guide.

2. A Disorganized wardrobe

Having a wardrobe that is not readily accessible or disorganized could be a factor that contributes to the above predicament. You might have the basics but lack a structured wardrobe arrangement that's offers you easy access or visibility of your clothes. I find that arranging my closet according to colors, makes finding my cloths easier. Also hanging all your items rather than folding, reduces the clutter in your closet while preventing creased or rough clothes. 

3. You don't know what you have 

When you have a substantial amount of clothes, it's easy to forget what you have. This is why we sometimes find ourselves purchasing items that already exists in our collection. Hence it is important, to from time to time, take an inventory of your clothes, find out what you have and what you lack. An organized wardrobe also helps in this, so be organized.

4. An undefined style 

Until you define your style and find what works for you, you might continue to struggle with finding what to wear. A lack of personal style can contribute to buying things you might end up not wearing. So define your style and if you're still struggling with your personal style then stick to the closet basics. 

5. You have too many clothes 

Perhaps I'm stating the obvious but having too many clothes can make dressing up more difficult because you have too many choices. Funny thing is some of us are hoarders or impulse buyers who just like to store clothes. Looking through you wardrobe you might see items that you haven't worn in over 3-6 months with some being brand new items. Always take time to declutter your closet and let go of your unworn or fairly used clothes.  I did that recently in my closet sale and having less unworn clothes is such a relief.  You can still shop my closet at @The Vintage Connection Ng

6. Lack of inspiration

You might have all the basics but lack inspiration, meaning you've run out of new ways to restyling your items. I find that playing dress up helps me come up with new ways of rocking my pieces. Also fashion bloggers like me are ever so helpful with new ideas. 

That's it guys, I do hope this helped a fashionista in need. 
How do you deal with not having what to wear? And what tips help you in overcoming this predicament? Would you like to see more posts like this? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

 Till next time.
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  1. nice post!


  2. These are good tips. Realised just how important basics are and need to de-clutter!


  3. You got me on the lack of basic clothing... Mostly those accessories that will give It the push it needs to the realm of awesomeness and yes, i need to declutter my wardrope

    1. Exactly and yes you definitely need to declutter. It's a stress reliever too.

  4. Yes I love this!! I am so bad at buying basics and always have been lol, I've been getting better though - this was a good reminder.


  5. Great post! I think I'll also add buying clothes on impulse especially non-durable clothes that just fill a wardrobe and are of no use

    1. That's a great tip. Thanks for commenting.

  6. What a great list! I used to struggle a lot with "having nothing to wear." I had lots of clothes that were pretty on their own but nothing to combine them with. There were too many colors in my closet, too many statement pieces and pieces I bought because they were cheap or trendy. When I realized what my problem was, I got rid of some clothes and I started to be a lot more intentional about what I buy. Now my closet stands on black, grey, white, navy and neutrals, with an occasional pop of color here and there, and basic cuts that can be worn for years in a row. It actually made my life a lot better--I don't spend nearly as much time in clothes stores, and creating an outfit is just so much easier. Hope you have a great day! x

    1. And this is a practical example of this post. I was there too and yup, less clothes definitely saves more time.

    2. And this is a practical example of this post. I was there too and yup, less clothes definitely saves more time.

  7. These tips were so helpful and yes to the basics. That declutter stuff ehn. I hope I have time to do that.