So it's about that time again for Nigerian youths to obey the clarion call as they say. Now the first stage is a two weeks orientation camp which I know a lot of people are dreading.  My camp experience in Obubra, Cross River State was not so great and I wrote all about it here

*For my international readers, the national youth service program is a compulsory one-year training course for all Nigerian Graduates. 

I remember last year being plagued with the uncertainty of what I was about to go through.  I had no idea what to expect or how to prepare and as such, I was taken unaware by a lot of things.

So this is for you guys,  my soon to be corp members,  quick survival tips for the National Youth Service orientation camp. 

Photography by Beniboba

1. Go early

You might think going late may not be such a big deal but trust me when I say, the earlier the better.  The camp dorms are usually overcrowded and as such the first people get better accommodations.  During my time I resumed on the exact resumption date and I immediately wished I had gone a day earlier. I also remember a lot of people being sent back because they came too late.  You don't want to be like them.

2. Pack wisely 

Be sure to take all the necessary items which include: at least five sets of white shorts and shirts, a waist pouch, white sneakers, white socks, toiletries, snacks,  mosquito nets, insecticide, bedsheets, casual clothes, plates, cup, and cutlery. While it is important to take all the necessary items, pack as light as possible. As I mentioned in my camp story in Obubra, Cross River State upon entering the camp, the soldiers told us to carry our bags on our heads and frog jump.  You do not want to go through the predicament of trying to balance a travel bag on your head while trying to frog jump.  Also, take all you can from home because everything and anything in camp is expensive including money.  Since there were no ATM machines in my camp, we were charged a 10% service fee for every withdrawal made via the POS machine. 

3. Beware of the toilets 

I'd rather not go into much detail on the toilet situation, as you can imagine this was the worst part of the whole experience. Please take all the disinfectant and Dettol that you possibly can. And be prepared for the worst, especially if you are posted to my camp in Obubra where the toilet is over a decade old, good luck.

4. Eat wisely

Now in camp there is a market called Mami market where you can get all the little things you need including food.  However, the cooking conditions are not so hygienic, you might want to stick with food from the kitchen, it's really not that bad if you ask me.  Another suggestion would be Garri, it will be your best friend during those two weeks, at least it was mine.  

5. Participate 

Don't just go through camp being a spectator like I was, socialize,  get involved and stand out. A lot of times camp activities can influence where you get posted to.  Also getting on the good side of the officials or soldiers won't hurt either.  I knew people who got great places of primary assignment through that. 

6. Spend wisely 

Please avoid spending all your money flexing in camp or even lodging in a hotel after camp.  Unless you can afford it, be very frugal and careful.  Trust me you will need the money after the orientation camp.  So stick with the kitchen food and lodge in the family houses until you can get your own place. 

Note: If you get posted to a place you don't like,  don't worry.  All you need to do is not show up and find another place that will accept you.  

Finally, go with an open mind, there are certain fun aspects of camp. I hope this was helpful to a corper in need.  What camp survival tips would you give? 

Feel free to send me an email at princessaudu@gmail.com 

Best of luck and enjoy your service year,  you can also read up on my NYSC service year in Calabar, Cross River State.  

Till next time 

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  1. Definitely bookmarking this for when my turn comes. Already forwarded it to my friends going now. Thanks

  2. Lol my NYSC Camp experience was lit and I had fun. I had a lot of friends that camped in the same place before me so they gave me all the tips I needed. I ate in Mami market throughout though and I rarely participated in SAID classes because the people I rolled with in camp always came up with fun stuff during that time LOL. I was in OBS so I guess it influenced my posting to the state Broadcasting outlet. I agree that new Corpers should go with an open mind.

    1. Girl you were definitely flexing in camp and being rebellious.

  3. It must be awesome experience! Thanks for sharing these tips!


    1. Hmm I'm sure you'd change you mind if you actually understood the experience. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Awesome tips! *
    Great blog! I'm following you! Follow back? <3