You were mad,  really mad. You could feel your temper boiling and ranging. You should have walked away but no you weren't about to back down from a fight.  You didn't start it but you were going to finish it.  And then those words came flying out of my mouth.  You shouldn't have said them. There you were wincing but you just couldn't stop.  And when the bandage was riped off you walked away as guilt and regret gripped you. You should have walked away,  you should have backed down but it's too late. The page has already been torn and sorry,  the word repeatedly uttered felt unjustifiable for what had happened.

Truth is once words are said,  the can't be taken back.  Picture a torn page in a book, no matter how much you try to fix it it'll never be the same.  And all that's left is regret.

Lesson learnt: "You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry". (James 1:19)

Ever been in this position,  how did you handle it?  

On another note Princess Audu turns three today,  it's been a journey so far.  Thank you all so much. Congratulations Wumi Tuase, you are the giveaway winner.  Expect an email shortly.  Thank you all for participating.

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  1. It's just annoying that sorry doesn't make much difference after the words have been said. Sometimes I don't bother saying it. Congrats on 3years. xx
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  2. Yes, this has happened to me before. There's nothing I hate more than saying something that I will regret later. Happy bloggerversary! xx

    1. Yeah I've learnt this so many times, the hard way.