Hey guys!
Happy new month! I still can't believe we're in the eleventh month of 2016, before you know it we'll be saying happy 2017.  A big shout out to God for keeping us and bringing us to this point, he is faithful.

How was your October? Mine was just there though a big highlight was finally completing my nysc service year which I wrote all about here.  

Plans for a wardrobe sale,  I'm trying to declutter and create more closet space for new items. I think it's high time for a wardrobe revamp.

Too much starch, especially fried yam (my favorite dish) and it's starting to show a bit.  Time to get back to the workouts.

More lemon tea, it's like life does not make sense without it.

To skip the whole life struggle and just get to the easy part of life already.

The purpose driven life by Rick Warren.  Read the book a couple years ago after my Dad challenged me too.  This time however,  I thought why not voluntarily reread it and actually do it right. 

 My usual gospel playlist.

I had followed through on a lot of my 2016 goals,  it's not too late though. How are you guys doing with your resolutions.

Time spent catching up with family and friends.

For a couple more breakthroughs before the year ends.

At how fast the year has gone by. Still can't believe we're in October already.

Less white because Abuja is way too dusty.  You're girl can't be doing laundry all the time.

How quiet some of my blog reader are getting.  Where are you guys?

How to drive finally. My class ends this week and I just can't wait to get on the road and tour the city. 

That everything will be fine no matter how daunting or challenging the situation may be.  The waiting process just sucks.

Grateful for everything.

Of which church department to join.  I'm thinking choir but the commitment and uniform stress though. 

When Nigerians started celebrating Halloween.  Growing up in Israel,  we participated in the celebrations at school until my parents found out the meaning of the holiday and stopped us. 
And since then it stuck with me, I've always associated the holiday with African technology (witchcraft)

Bag: Sammydress || Trouser: Zaful HERE

What have you guys been up to lately?

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  1. Yayys to breakthroughs! A lot can happen in two months or less...
    Girl join the choir... or media team, you'll be exceptional.
    *waving* one blog reader present. Lol
    The Beautiful Eagle

    1. Exactly girl, trusting him for the eleventh hour miracle. Perhaps I'll join media and yay good to see a blog reader on here.

  2. Mehn!The rate at which the year is flying I can't EXPLAIIINNNNNN, it just goes to show that this wicked system of things is swiftly coming to an end. we your loyal blog readers are here ooo we never left. I hope Lagos people will benefit from this yard sale you intend to do because im so eyeing some items from your wardrobe. I'm super glad you are almost done with your driving classes, I also intend to learn right after service. About the Halloween-ish goes to show that people dont bother about the origins of some things they just embrace it because people are doing it, there are other celebrations too with crazy origins.
    Finally you lived in Isreal? Schooled in Thailand?? Gurllll!!! i want to be like you when i grow up. Which other countries have you visited, I'd love to know?
    i hope my comment aint super long , i just enjoy answering all your questions :)

    1. Right, 2017 is right around the corner. Yay for another reader. And no worries, I plan to ship nationwide. I feel you on the Halloween thing, we really need to do more research on certain things. Lol perhaps it's time for another About me post. And trust me your comment is not long at all, in fact I love reading comments as long and rich as yours.

  3. I enjoyed reading this dear. Yes to the wardrobe sale. I don't get the Halloween celebration too and you grew up in Israel
    That's really cool. I've read Purpose-Driven Life twice too and it's a life changing book. Happy new month dear.

    1. I think it's a life changing book too. Thank you.

  4. Rad pants! You look great! I'm glad things are going well! :D <3

    - Anna

    1. Thanks Ana, it's nice to see you back on here.

  5. I wish I followed through on all my goals too...but I haven't lost hope yet. I love your pants and I wrote a piece here of what I think will happen if Nigerians practice Halloween , you can check it out!

    1. Right but as you said, we've still got a bit of time. Thanks girl and I'll definitely check it out.

  6. First off...we are still here
    And let me add that I love how comfortable your outfit is.
    The whole Halloween thing pisses me off but what can I say
    Yard sale...can't wait for that 😁

    1. Glad to here that girl and thank you. Thought I was the only one with the Halloween thing.

  7. Yard sale is definitely a great idea, and your pants look amazing.
    Girl the way the year is running its leaving all of us dazed.
    Please leave the Halloween people alone lol.

    1. Lol at leaving the Halloween people, it had to be said sha. Glad to see so much reception to the sale. Thanks for your comment girl.

  8. It was a breath of fresh air reading this. @noticing your readers are becoming quiet :P.S:I'm guilty but trust me, life just gets busy sometimes but we love u and will keep coming back.

    DIY chokers you can make from things at home  

    1. Glad you liked it girl and I totally get it, I'm guilty of this at times when life happens.

  9. Ahhh how I want to eat fried yam now. I really love your outfit. Cute and Casual.

    Tega Enai Blog
    Fashion| Lifestyle | Everything In Between

  10. Abuja being dusty is not a joke! And I also want to skip the hard part of life already!
    I enjoyed this post

  11. Love this look! Simply Beautiful!

  12. New blog reader present. I love your blog dear.