FCT Abuja,  the federal capital of Nigeria is a beautiful city with lots of spots that I feel need a lot more exposure.
The Abuja,  Arts and crafts village is one of the spots I discovered in one of my blog picture scouting moments, recall my recent outfit post here.  

While most spots in Abuja are quite modern,  I love the antique and cultural village feel of the whole place.  Are you looking for locally crafted items,  materials,  leathers and various art crafts?   You can find it all here.  If you are a tourist visiting Nigeria, this spot in Abuja is a must see and a great place to get African inspired items.

However, as you can expect, due to the frequent rate of tourists in this center,  a lot of items are overpriced and I honestly don't see myself shopping here. 

I do love the ambience of the site and plan on using it for more shoots and can I add that the traders are so friendly and calm.  They actually talk to you and allow you to take pictures. If you have ever visited Abuja you'd know that this is rare due to the security consciousness of the Residents. 

There's also a local restaurant called Mandiba, which I plan on checking out sometime soon. You can however read Alma's review of the place. 

The Arts and Crafts Village is located behind,  Musa Yar'adua Centre, Silverbird Galleria and across Sheraton Hotels.

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  1. Thanks for linking my blog dear. Nice review.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I would have loved to visit this place the last time I was in Abuja, well maybe in the future. I have heard Kilimanjaro is a good restaurant too (would visit someday).

    1. Yes girl definitely in the future, Kilimanjaro? Never heard of the restaurant.

  3. It's really a nice place. Thanks for letting us in on so many undiscovered places in Nigeria www.adagirl.com.ng

  4. Beautiful photos!