So after several years of encounters with my lovely Nigerian guys,  I'm yet to understand them and I probably never will. Now if you've met my guys,  you'll know that they are special people but we love them anyways. 

First things first,  I appreciate you guys. I understand that God created you for a purpose,  I know the world will not be the same without you.  However, there are a few things I'd like for us to discuss. There are certain things that you do that confuse and irritate one to say the least. 

Being a fine girl is already hard enough,  why do you have to make it more difficult by hollering, dragging my hand and calling me your wife when I pass by? Why do you have to make walking on the road or markets traumatizing? I am not your wife,  and my name is neither Sandra or babe. Can't we just walk or shop in peace?

And no I'm not rude,  I don't stop when you call me on the road because I don't know you.  Now I wouldn't mind talking but it always leads to something else,  you saying you want to be my friend and I honestly don't need more friends who want something else.  And you didn't see me in your dreams either so stop that nonsense, we're not stupid. And another thing,  I don't give my number to strangers or even answer fine girl calls please.

Please understand that persistence is not always key.  When I say I'm not interested please believe me, I'm not.  And following me to my house to talk to me is just plain creepy.  

Now I may be you're average Nigerian girl but hey marriage is not everything. Stop with this notion that all every girl wants is marriage.  Yes marriage is important but some of us would actually like to get something done before committing to something so huge.  You know make some money,  travel or get an education.

Daddy and mommy did not spend all that money for me to sit in your house oh.  Yes I'll take care of our home but my place does not belong only in the kitchen and the other room.  I'm supposed to be your help mate, remember?

Hey you, yes you, can you stop with the staring too.  I mean I try my best to be as conservative in my attire so why the stares. It's makes one so uncomfortable.

I know your mothers raised you right, so  you'll take this in good faith and not hold a grudge. And understand that this is based on my experience and stereotypes. I know you're not all the same.  I've met some of you amazing guys too.  

What would you like to say to all my Nigerian guys out there?  If you're a Nigerian guy,  what would you like to say to my ladies out there?  

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  1. Yayyss! Stopping holding my hands and let me do my shopping in peace.... stop with the names too.... "sexy"" baby" "bae "
    Research on dates... be a gentleman and stop wanting to hang out in beer parlours.. there are nice places to sit and talk. #phew
    The Beautiful Eagle

    1. Lol don't mind them oh. And dates at bear parlours,wow. Yes to research please.

  2. Haha, funny post. Still laughing.

    1. Lol girl but you didn't comment what you'd like to say to them.

  3. The staring types, I can't deal.
    Like they don't know it's so rude to stare.
    One time, I caught this dude staring at me, it was so disgusting because he was looking at me like I was food or something. I stared right back at him to make him feel uncomfortable too.
    Nigerian guys need to get the memo ladies need to be treated with more respect.
    I actually wanted you to stress on the touchy types too. Those are the worst.
    My Style Look Book Series

    1. Right, I stare back too when it gets too much. You can say that again girl, those touchy types can be traumatizing too.

  4. And those ones that think persistently disturbing you is sexy. Because to them, your no means try harder. Mtcheeeeeew

    1. Right, so annoying. Some of our dear guys will never learn smh