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Looking back at my fashion journey, I realize that in the beginning I was doing it all wrong. Buying clothes I didn't need or didn't match my style did not only make me broke but contributed to one of the reasons why I always had nothing to wear. 

One culottes 3/5 ways

The truth is your wardrobe can either make or break your fashion game. Now how does one build the right wardrobe you might ask? Well today's post will be somewhat of crash course on a few tips that will aid you in building the right wardrobe to suit your style and body type and then further guide you on how to make the most of your wardrobe. Let's begin. 

1. Wardrobe basics
When building your wardrobe the most important step probably before finding your style, is to invest in the basic closet essentials, recall that I listed 17 wardrobe essentials in this post. You can't build a strong house if you lack a solid foundation, so think of closet essentials as the foundation to your style game.

2. Invest in separate pieces
I have always believed in the power of separate pieces. While it may be easier to just throw on that dress or jumpsuit, a skirt and blouse would be more versatile. Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't buy that dress you know you're going to rock, but work on investing in more separate pieces as they offer more versatility. 

3. Go for solid colors
I find that solid colors like brown or even neutral colours like grey, white, black are easier to mix and match. While some of us prefer brighter colours, styling a black pair of culottes as opposed to a red pair can be less of a challenge. 

4. know your body type
Learn what works for your body type and invest in such items. If you are still confused, then my guide on dressing for your body type and a guide by Dive Into Mauve should be helpful.

Different body types

So once you've built the right wardrobe that matches your personal style and body type, how do you make the most of your wardrobe? 

1. Accessorize 
Accessories are your best friend so you might want to invest in them. That scarf or belt in your closet can easily spice up that basic outfit you've been rocking.

2. Think out of the box 
Go for the unexpected and think outside of the box. Confused on how to style that top is your wardrobe? Why not wear it backwards, off shoulder or tie it at the top. It's outward thinking that birthed the illusion jumpsuit which is a mix of a dress worn backwards, tucked into a pair of culottes (styled here, here and here).

3. Think layers
Try pairing a jacket over that basic dress to change it up or why not try wearing a shirt underneath. Working with layers in an outfit is a quick way to instantly transform an item and even make it unrecognizable. 
How do you make the most of your wardrobe and what tips would you give?

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See you next time!
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  1. Knowing your body type is definitely the ultimate game changer and that's when I suddenly loved the way I looked in the clothes that I bought. x

  2. As for me I try to invest in basic and go for neutral colours. It provides me with so much versatility. Thanks dear. This helped a lot

    1. That's me right there too. Thanks for reading. Glad it helped.

  3. You look so pretty :) I love your outfits

  4. Hmmm. Totally loving your blog!