Happy December guys! 
  The way this year flew by is quite shocking.  I mean just yesterday we were saying happy New Year and now we're about to cross over.  In spite of everything, praise God for preserving us to this point.   

How was your November? Mine didn't go exactly as I'd hoped, but I'm staying positive this month. 

However my closet sale went so well and then I decided to expand to a vintage boutique and you guys have been awesome.  So follow me on Instagram at @The Vintage Connection Ng to shop my closet. 

Monochrome, black and white,  lace

Monochrome, black and white,  lace,  snake skin,  pointed ballet flats

Plans to be more intent in my job hunt. I'd always hoped and expected this phase to be a lot easier. It's hard out there guys,  and I honestly don't want just any job. I want a career in media.

To just move to the next phase of life already

Nothing in particular,  I've really been slacking on my reading habit. I still have a ton of Bible scriptures to catch up on and I'm yet to finish my book from November's taking stock. 

How to be grateful to God in little things and also how to continually speak things into existence 

That something amazing is out there, is waiting to happen

Monochrome, black and white,  lace,  snake skin,  pointed ballet flats

 Holiness is what I long for by Donnie Mclurkin, an old classic that still ministers to me.

For a less stressful and more affordable Nigeria. The way things are going,  sometimes I just want to leave and never come back.

This pair of snakeskin pointed ballet flats from Zaful.  They cost just $25.89 and I'm so impressed with the quality, just amazing and so trendy.

To not end this year like last one.

At the ridiculous cost of hair extensions among other things these days.  I've decided to braid my own hair due to this. I really wonder where we are going in my dear country.

Monochrome, black and white,  lace,  snake skin,  pointed ballet flats

Monochrome, black and white,  lace,  snake skin,  pointed ballet flats

More slippers in spite of my dislike for open toed shoes.  The beautiful dusty roads are not so great for my shoes especially since I walk a lot. Although I've completed my driving classes, I still have to perfect a few things before I can actually drive out of my house. 

How much you guys love NYSC related posts.  My NYSC camp story is surprisingly my most read post on this blog.

Annoyed and relieved about the whole NCC and data tariff issue.  Those nonsense people really wanted to make blogging and the whole internet experience more expensive and stressful than it already is. 

Of when life got so complicated. Having to deal with being a grown up just makes me want to be a child again. 

If maybe I'm being too personal on here. But then again I think of you guys as my friends.

Outfit details 
I know what you guys are thinking but these are actually pants, culottes to be precise. Culottes have to be one of my favorite trends this season and this particular pair was previously styled in this make shift jumpsuit. So sticking to the monochrome vibes,  I opted for a lace top (styled here)  and snakeskin flats for comfort. 

Lace top,  Black Culottes: Vintage || Shoes: Zaful HERE

What have you guys been up to lately?

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  1. Hey Sarah ! Sorry to hear November didn't go as planned but at least you seeing the brighter side of things . I love this look . Your shoes are super cute .Closet sale sounds like a great idea. I normally send things I hardly wear to relations back in Zambia but hey I could start making a few quids back if I was to sale them . Food for thought . Anyway, November for me has been quiet . Just been going ham on my driving lessons! I should have done automatic, manual is such a hustle .

    1. Yeah girl I'm just trying to stay positive in spite of everything. Thank you, I love the shoes too. Yeah you definitely should from time to time. But sending clothes back is good too. I wish I had just done automatic too but everyone says it's better to do manual first cause then you'll actually know how to really drive. Thanks for the comment.

    2. Hahahahah Steph, you're doing manual? Even with auto I've struggled bit.

      Sarah! All the best with job hunting. It gets tough, but we'll pull through. Hope this month is awesome for you!

  2. 'Plans to be more intent in my job hunt...' Would love to find out more about your hunt for a job? I am not finding job hunting funny at all.Thinking of documenting the hustle in a post sometime soon. Please share yours. I stay in Abuja and am also looking to be involved with the media.

    1. I mean approaching the media houses directly rather than waiting on them. And you should document it in a post, it should be an interesting read.

  3. I am in love with ur footware! Sorry about ur November, believe God, December and the years beyond will be better!

  4. Such a lovely look! It really suits you!

  5. I understand how it feels to be in between life phases. I believe it would pass and greater things will come.
    God's best in your job hunt. I really love your blog!!