Hey beautiful people! Compliments of the season! I hope you're all having a great time unwinding and catching up with your loved ones. And if you're by yourself, not to worry you are never truly alone.

So looking back at 2016 fashion trends I'd have to say I am very impressed. In 2016 we saw a shift to more modest fashion, more DIY's and lots and lots of drama and exaggeration. Unlike in 2014, where I had to write a post on trends that should be left behind, I'm actually hoping to see more of the below trends in 2017.

This post is a round up of my favourite and perhaps most popular fashion trends of 2016. They are ranked in no particular order, enjoy!

1. Frayed hem denim jeans
With this trend we saw a lot of cool tutorials on how to achieve this look. It's a great way to revamp your jeans and still look presentable rather than distressing or as my mom likes to say, "tearing your jeans for no reason"
2016 fashion trends, frayed hem denim, DIY
 Cross Road Strading

2. Intimates/ silk dress
It seems fashion lovers took laziness to a whole other level and decided to make sleep wear appropriate for day time and it surprisingly worked. This is why I love fashion!

Slip dress over white T shirt, choker trend, intimates trend,

3. Pajama trend
Of course we can't forget how fashion enthusiasts brought life to Pajama's and bathrobes too. Here's to more years of comfort while still slaying.
Sleep wear trend, 2016 trends, pajama trend, street style

 4. Off shoulder/ cold shoulder trend
I rate this trend as the most abused and overexposed fashion trend of 2016. I mean we saw it every where! I honestly don't see the off shoulder trend going away any time soon.
2016 trends, off shoulder trend, 90s

5. Choker trend
This trend involved a lot if DIYs, why spend a ton of money on something so simple when you can make it yourself. Remember my DIY choker from an old bra strap here and here.
Choker trend, DIY, 2016 fashion trends

6. Bows
This year we saw a lot more drama and exaggeration in tops especially. We saw bows in tube tops, skirts, blouses and the rest. Bows serve in place of accessories and add spice to basic pieces.

7. Flared trousers
We can call this trend the return of the 90s huh. Its quite ironic though, male clothing gets tighter and tighter while female clothes gets looser. 
Monochrome, flared trousers, Zara trousers, 2016 fashion trends

 8. Ruffles
More drama and more drama!
Summer trend, 2016 fashion trend
Summer trend, 2016 fashion trend, stripes

9. Flared sleeves/ Bell sleeves
I'm hoping this trend stays through next year, I recently got a flared sleeve top which I've been wearing everywhere. Nigerian fashion designers also incorporated this trend in Ankara and African inspired wears too.
Flared bell sleeves, 2016 fashion trends

10. The metallic skirt
I believe this trend is still upcoming. A metallic skirt combines the right amount of girliness and edge to an outfit. Check out this post for where to get the perfect metallic skirt here
Metallic skirtRanti In Review

11. Velvet
Fall 2016 fashion trends

The 90s definitely came back this year in off shoulder tops, chokers, velvet, slip dresses over T-shirts and bell buttons. This year I'd say the most over exposed trends had to be the choker and off shoulder trend. In 2017 I'd like too see more of the flared sleeves trend. 

What trends do you think were overexposed in 2016? What were you favourite trends? What trends would you like to see in 2017?


See you on Wednesday,  I will be doing a recap of my blog journey in 2015, stay tuned!

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  1. Very very accurate especially the bell sleeves, ruffles and frayed hems.

  2. I definitely want to see this trends in 2017. I almost frayed all my jeans that's how much I was craze over the trend.
    I think I'm tired of the choker trend it has been abused and I think we should leave it behind in 2016.
    My Style Look Book Series

    1. Right! Lol girl I never tried it as I barely own any jeans to begin with. I think I'm tired of the choker trend too, though I doubt it'll be left behind. Thanks for the feedback hun

  3. I have a pajama trend post coming up cos of this, love them all

  4. I'm still skeptical about the pajama trend. Apart from that, I love the rest and I don't want any to go away

    1. Yeah girl, not sure if I'd be brave enough to rock it, besides where would I go with it lol.

  5. I just hope it stays..cos 2016 was mostly good for its fashion. Currently wearing an off shoulder with long chokers and about 2016. Pls check up my personal blog

    1. Right, we had amazing fashion trends this year. Lol you prove my point exactly.

  6. I really agree that off shoulders and chokers were over exposed trends. I really want bell sleeves and cold-shoulders to stay in 2017 because I'm yet to rock them. Great post Sarah!

    1. Yeah me too girl,especially bell sleeves. Thank you