I’d say happy New Year but I think we’re past that now don’t you? Can you believe that we're half way throught the January already? Now while I’ve listed out my personal and blog resolutions in my little notebook, I am yet to talk about my style resolutions. Some of you might be wondering style resolutions, why? Well as a fashion conscious person, I believe we must set goals to step up our style game and revamp our wardrobe. A big shout out to Bonobos for inspiring this idea, you guys should check them out.

1. Invest in More Made in Nigeria Items
I’ve always wanted more Nigerian designs in my collection, however, as we all know some are quite expensive, so how’s a girl on a budget supposed to go about this. Hence I’m quite thankful for a amazing and most importantly affordable designers coming up. So far I’ve got my eye out for shop Maju and the 5k shop.

2. Add more closet essentials
 I did a major closet overall last year and this has left me lacking several essentials listed out in 17 Wardrobe Basics . I’ve already crossed of the addition of a pair of boyfriend/ mom jeans styled here. Next on this list are a white crisp shirt and a big, really big luggage like statement bag.


3. Build my flats collection
The older I get the more I opt comfort over style. My Zaful pointed flats have been my go-to pair these days. I am looking to purchase more loafers and of course sneakers, I’ve never been a big fan of sandals due to my dislike of my toes.

4. Invest in more makeup
Your makeup game can either make or break you entire outfit at times. As listed in quick ways to upgrade an outfit, a good makeup look can instantly transform your entire look. Now while I’m all for natural looks, perhaps it’s time to start contouring and highlighting at least for photo-shoots.
5. Collect more Ankara pieces
I actually have quite a few unsewn Ankara pieces but I’ve been so scared to make them into outfits. As we all know Nigerian tailors are too unfaithful. Although I can sew basic pieces, I am yet to buy a sewing machine (the price is crazy these days). Does anyone know someone who wants to sell theirs?

6. Avoid impulse buys 
This should not be difficult as I am starting to dislike Nigerian markets for various reasons as noted in my Dear Nigerian guys post.

7. Try New Trends

As much as I love my retro style, it can be a bit limiting at times. Now while I don’t mind that, I'd like to incorporate more modern pieces and trends to my style. But then again the 90's as well as other retro years are back. We'll see though.

What are some of your style resolutions for this year? 
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  1. Yeah, tell me about how time flies!!! Happy New Year to you too!

    This is a really uniqur NY resolution, ha! And really achievable too! Good luck babe!

    Xo, Carla


  2. @Carla Lol girl I have my resoution list but its too personal for blogging. I agree that they are acheiavble. Thank you for stopping by

  3. Likewise, I need to invest in more basic pieces. I can't believe I only have a few shirts. Whoops! | Bloglovin' | Instagram

  4. @Anne yes to more basics, thanks for stopping by.