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 Ever wondered what would have happened if Benjamin franklin never discovered the light bulb? What if Rosa parks had moved to the back of the bus? Or more relatable what would have happened if Bill Gates had never discovered Microsoft and Mark Zuckerberg never created Facebook?

All the above people are examples of men and women who knew what they were meant to do on this earth. The truth is in the life, every human being has a purpose for being created.  Now in the words of Dr Paul Enenche, "a life without purpose is meaningless."
Meaningless how you might wonder? Well if we have no idea what on earth we were created to do then what would be the whole point of life really.

 I remember in the University days, my goal and purpose basically was to finish in three year. Because of this aim I worked hard to make sure I was able to take as many credit courses as possible and I also attended every summer semester for a long as I could. Because I knew what I was there to do and I was able to achieve my goals.

Coming back to my post on New Year Resolutions Why Bother, without goals or purpose how does one achieve? And without an accurate aim how can an archer fire an arrow and be successful at it. Knowing the purpose of life will guide our choices and detemine the people we hang around.
Discovering our purpose or reason for living will not only lead to a more productive life but also a life that positively impacts others. Because a man’s life is measured by the people he impacted.

It has always and will always be my prayer that God shows us our purpose so we can make the most of life.  

I could write a whole book on my thoughts regarding this but I’ll leave it at this. What are your thoughts regarding the meaning of life and discovering purpose?

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  1. Life is Just really weird 😕 However finding your purpose is the best feeling ever.

    1. Exactly girl, it makes accomplishing goals a lot easier too.

  2. This such a good motivational write-up.I finally comment on your blog. the gut is tamed,halleluyah.

    1. Yay girl thank you. And welcome, I do hope you keep commenting. Its one of the things that keep us going.

  3. Oh well, i've read Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life and i believe you have too because you mention of it some time ago. Now according this book, the issue of "purpose" is far far beyond your ambitions, your wildest dreams and even imaginations! The almighty knows His ultimate purpose for bringing you here on earth and it's not up to you to go search for it and find it, that's life wasting your life! It's up to God to guide you to it, jusk ask for His guidance according to His will and you'd definitely live according to that purpose.
    Its not like Mark and Bill that you mentioned above "knew" what they were here for in the first place! God put it them to do these things and guided them on these paths whether they know this or not.
    Some people even go ahead to make "finding purpose" their purpose and life just passes them by.
    We ought to manifest God's glory in all, i mean all we do, then watch "purpose" fall into place!
    God bless us all.

    1. This has to be one of the best comments so far. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, I appreciate it, you really hit the nail on the head.I agree with all the above mentioned points. Yes I've read the purpose driven life and true purpose starts and ends with God. The bible tells us to commit our ways to God and seek his will in all things. And that same bible tells us to come to him and he will reveal unknown secrets to us which is why I concluded with my prayer for God to reveal our true purpose so we do not get lost. Because the truth is without him we are simply lost. My point in referring to Mark and Bill was to emphasize living a life of purpose with a goal in mind, while it may not have been their purpose they had a plan and yes God orchestrated it. I simply tried to go for a more motivational piece as I understand that not all readers are believer's. Thanks so much, please comment more often dear. Its more appreciated than you know.