styling cold shoulder tops, fringe, culottes

Hey Beautiful people, how’s everybody doing?

So it’s been a while since we actually had a good chat so I thought it was high time to do another taking stock post.
 I actually planned on not doing one of these again because they can be quite personal lol. It's hard to find that balance in how personal one can get on the internet especially since we don't actually know who is reading. 
However, I thought it would be nice to break out of the usual fashion posts, so let's jump into this shall we?

Plans to get my research done and stick to one of my pressing goals.
We have got to make those moves to get to the next level, no time to waste.

A lot more Bible scriptures. I've given up a bit on my two books a month goal to focus now on studying up on his word.

styling cold shoulder tops, fringe, culottes

How to use Adobe Photoshop again. I actually learnt the basics for the sole purpose of editing my blog pictures but best believe its helping me in my new job. Oh did I mention I'm back to the 9-5 working class but this time as a social media and web content editor. Blogging has really impacted my life in so many ways. 

Old skool music from the 90's and early 2000's. In all honesty those days of Brandy, Monica, Aailaya, Neyo, Usher, and Old Mariah amongst others were simply the best. I miss them

For more fashion related events like the Kanga Fashion Festival blogged here. I'd love to network with more creatives and content creators.

Mangoes, mom does not understand my obesseion with them lol but it is my favourite fruit.

That I no longer take my blog pictures by myself. I took these pictures of my outfit myself during my work break. If anything it just made me extremely thankful for my siblings who are always willing to help

styling cold shoulder tops, fringe, culottes

At the awesomeness of my mother, she did something today that although to her seemed inconsequential, really made such an impact.

About the various ways God speaks. I know he speaks to us through his word, songs and sermons from Men/Women of God. How does God speak to you?

Sad about having to let certain people go from our lives especially when they were such a big part of it for so long.

Abuja FCT, kubwa express, Nigerian roads

Of doing more lifestyle posts and doing more lifestyle related photography like the below pictures and my post on  5 things to do in CalabarAbuja Arts and Crafts Center and 5 best places to visit in Lagos
 I'd also like to start a series centred on Abuja probably featuring places to eat, shop and 
basically hangout, thoughts?

street vendors, abuja, dates, hawking

My new thrifted shoes in the above outfit. I never get lucky when thrifting shoes which is why I never bother but I stumbled across these babies in Wuse Market, Abuja and got them for a bargain of less than 2k Naira. At times like this I like to say these shoes were God's will. I'm also rocking more cold shoulder tops like in this outfit. 

My recent weight loss, I guess I haven't really been eating as much, oh well

New items to my vintage store @The Vintage Connection Ngitems are super affordable, don't miss out guys. 

A short break from blogging guys. I have a lot on my mind right now so I'll see you all very soon.

Photography by me, wondering how I go about my blog photography? Check this post out
What have you guys been up to lately? What do you think of posts like this?

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  1. I enjoy reading taking stock posts. This outfit! Is there a separate post for it? I love the cold shoulder top a lot. Comman dash me lol. Love the earrings too. Wow, you took the pictures yourself. Amazing.
    You had to end this post with that announcement ehn, lol. Breaks are needed. Have fun. xxx
    Books Vs Movies: Would you rather read or watch

    1. Yeah girl, I also enjoy reading them but they can be quite personal for the writer writing them. Lol did'nt expect so much love for this outfit, I just might make a seperate post as these are not all the pictures I took. And can I tell you a secret, the top is actually the combination of a vest and off-shoulder top. Thank you and yes I took these myself with my tripod. At least someone likes this earrings, my mom hates them and does not understand why I wear it. Lol breaks are definitely need, I'll see yall soon.

  2. Sarah I actually noticed that your cold shoulder top was a combination of a vest and a off shoulder top. creativity. I love your Oxford's shoe as well and I can't believe that you got that for less than 2k. great photographer you are.

    1. You is smart girl and thank you. I couldn't believe the price either. And thanks Dominika, I've been practicing so this means a lot.

  3. It's in you girl, I love your outfit. Your life seems a bit swamped up.. but your up to something.
    Keep pushing💕

    1. Thanks Ugo, yeah I'm up to something but aren't we all lol. Definitely pushing.

  4. Have a good break! It's totally needed every now and then. If you can take vacays from work, then you should be able to do the same from blogging.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Exactly hun, it is definitely need. Though not to often, my traffic is feeling it.

  5. I love Stock Taking posts. They get me more in tune with the person behind the blog, and that feels good.
    I am happy for you about the job. All the best.
    Would definitely love to see more photography posts, when you can.
    Do enjoy your break.

    1. That's true as taking stock posts are more personal. Thank you about the job and yeah I'll most likely do something on photography soon.

  6. There's a lot here to take in. Really glad that you got a job not so long after NYSC. I'm really praying mine turns out that way too. I'm glad to have siblings who don't mond taking pictures of their big sister :D God really talks to us in different ways esspecially via the Bible and when we fellowship with others. I really love the stuff in your styore and I'm definitely going to patronize very very soon AMENN!!!! Nice one Sarah. Taka a break you deserve it.

    1. Thanks girl, yours will turn out the same, just be proactive and don't wait for it to fall into your lap. Thanks God for siblings too. Yeah God has spoken to me through fellowshipping with others. And lol thank you, I hope you do.

  7. Hahahaha so many typos in my comment. I'm definitely sleep typing. Please bear with me.

    1. Lol its alright, we've all been there. I appreciate your comment.

  8. Loved every bit of this post. Have you tried Lightroom instead of photoshop. It's a lot easier and very beginner friendly.

    On how God speaks to me, still trying to figure that out. But i'll say most of the things I've gone ahead to do after praying about them came with a very sure conviction in my heart. So I guess when i'm convinced about something and have this unexplainable peace about the conviction, it's God speaking to me. Hope this helped

    1. Photoshop was'nt actually hard to figure out for me again since I have used it before. As for lightroom, I'll look into it maybe though photoshop does the job for me, just trying to master it. Yeah your thoughts on God speaking helped, I've had the conviction too, several times. Thank you for commenting