Wow two posts in one day! What can I say blogging duty calls.

So Summer is around the corner, no wait let me come again because technically we don't have summer in Nigeria, only hot and dry season. But in the fashion world and other parts of the world summer is near which means light weight materials, more colours and more exposed skin but ladies nudity is not the new normal, alright.

Today in collaboration with Shein, I am sharing some of my favourite summer trends along with links to each item featured in the post.

1. Lace
This is one of my favourite trends, I rock it all year round even. I just love the lightweight material and understated sexiness of it all. It also pairs nicely with midi skirts, who am I kidding, it pairs nicely with everything. And don't you love this cool lace t-shirt below, I know I do.

here here

2. Flared Sleeves/Billow Sleeves
This trend has been so overexposed lately but I for one am not complaining as I have rocked it here, here and here. It's definitely not going anywhere and will perhaps even be bigger this summer.

3. Floral
Nothing says summer than flowers so of course floral prints must make a comeback. I love how it is often incorporated in Kimonos which you will find me rocking 24/7.


4. Pleats
Pleats are such a classic texture, its high time I restock my wardrobe with a pleated skirt really. This summer I see pastels being incorporated into pleats as well. And Shein has this lovely skirt in several colours, check it out.


Thealohababe & Classy-inthecity

Finally you get a discount code as stated below

So visit Shein to get your Pre-Summer Feels on point guys 

* Disclaimer: Princess Audu receives a commission for sales through the blog

What trends will you be rocking this summer? What are your favourite summer trends? What trend would you add to this list?

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  1. Been wanting to do a post on trends too. But im so inlove with the sleeves and currently looking for them!
    Lovely post!

    1. I'm so in love too, thrift stores and tailored pieces have been my go-to for the trend. I look forward to reading your post once its up. Thank you

  2. I love these trends!! Definitely something I can werk with. Ha!! Florals are timeless and I just got one of these dramatic sleeves top. - Can't wait to style it.
    Happy weekend, Sarah! :)


    1. Thank you Missy May, I look forward to how you style it.Nice to see you here again. Have a great weekend too.

  3. Hi Sarah, I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award here http://www.lifestylebyjanet.com/blogger-recognition-award/ I hope you accept it. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Love these trends.
    I'm here for the floral and pleats. I really can't wait to style them.
    My Style Look Book Series

    1. I'm loving pleats too, and really regret that I sold one of my pleated skirts in my closet sale last year, oh well. Thanks for stopping by praise.

  5. Those floral are definitely cute plus i can't get my eyes off those pleated maxi skirts...Wow


    1. Right, I'm loving pleats too. I think its time for me to re-embrace the trend and texture.