The best thing that can happen to any lady is a good pair of culottes and I believe I have stated this time and time again. Now if you don't believe me, then read my post on several ways to style culottes here okay, let’s not argue.

After my last post featuring some of my favourite ways to rock culottes (here), I had several people struggling with finding the perfect pair for their body type. Now with every wardrobe or fashion staple, knowing what works for you is key. Because the truth is, no matter your body type, there is a way. In this post, I will give you a few tips to guide you on getting the perfect pair of culottes

I know a lot of us are actually still a bit confused as to what culottes are. So basically culottes are women knee length trousers, cut with full legs to resemble a skirt (I asked Google). Hence the term culottes, palazzo, bongo and flared trousers are used interchangeably. Upon research, I actually found out that culottes were created as early as the 18th century for women to ride on horses. Don't you just love how fashion rotates itself?

Before we begin, this post by Dive in to Mauve on dressing for your body type should help clear a few things. So here are three quick tips to consider when looking for the perfect pair of culottes or styling them

1. Cinched Waist
Culottes are structured pieces and as such it is important to keep everything balanced at the waist. Be sure that your waist is nicely cinched in and visible. This is very important for my curvy ladies (apple or pear shape) because this can make the difference between looking put together or frumpy. For my pear shape and apple shape ladies, I recommend that you go up a dress size and purchase a pair of culottes then take in the waist for the desired fit. This will give you the desired flare with the perfect waist size. Now my rectangle shaped ladies you can actually get away with a loose fit and undefined waist, makes sense? 


2. Culotte Skirts
 Opt for culottes that look almost like skirts. For my square shaped ladies, the texture will add extra volume to your bottom half thereby giving you the appearance of wider hips or a bigger bum. I always wear my bottoms high waist because it gives me the appearance of a smaller waist and wider hips (you see the power of illusion guys). Also pleats will add that perfect drama too.


3. Play with Layers
Now while culottes are perfect with a cinched waist the reverse can also be the case. Pairing voluminous items or ruffles over ruffles works too. Take a cue from Ranti in Review and a pair those peplum and flared tops with your culottes. This works for my apple shape ladies because the flared tops can help minimise the appearance of your abdomen. You can also work with a long tonic and more structured looking culottes

There you have it guys! Are you a fan of culottes? How do you like to style them? What tips would you give in finding the perfect pair? Was this post helpful?

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  1. Yess, I absolutely love culottes! I think they're so chic <3

    Enclothed Cognition

  2. Awwwn. I'm just seeing this post. Thank you for the mention Sarah! I appreciate.

    1. Of course hun,learnt a lot from the post and I keep referring to it.