Hey Beautiful people, how’s everybody doing?
This year is constantly amazing me by how fast its going. I know everyone keeps saying this but guys just yesterday we were saying happy New year and now we're in the second quarter of the year already, I mean come on.  Looking back there's so much to be thankful to God for. Lets just hop right into this, shall we?

Flared sleeve tops (here, here and here) which is one of my current favourite 2017 trends. There's just something about them and they're definitely not going away any time soon. 

Excited for my passing out NYSC corp members (congrats guys). Just 6 months ago I was in your shoes, this brings back so many memories of my camp days (here) and service year (here)
About the recent meet up of Abuja content creators at Millennium park two Saturdays ago.  There are so many of us coming up, I feel like an auntie blogger most times lol.

 Lifestyle by JanetMides ThoughtsStyle by OhahaDiary of An Abuja Mom and Ramblings of Missmimi (who took these pictures)

To finally go back to my signature hairstyle of braids, my experience with a weave has been real but I can't wait to go back.

How to constantly talk to God as I push to get closer to him.

By the love from you guys, it really keeps one going at times. Was also featured by  Quirks and Outfits so check it out guys.

To push through procrastination to write more articles for guest posts on other sites.

A recent online purchase I made. You guys online shopping can be the devil at times, such deception is heart breaking. I can't even begin to explain my disappointment right now. The item came so late and then the quality was so inferior I kept wishing I had bought a piece of fabric instead and given it to my tailor (smh).

The triumphs and successes of others. It took me a while to get here after dealing with envy and comparison but I've learnt that it doesn't add to me. Hence I celebrate others and this makes me so much more happier.

At the fact that I have been able to stick to most of my blog goals for 2017, who knew writing things down was this effective. And we're doing quite well with the consistent posts too.

What have you guys been up to lately? Ever experienced buyers regret or bought something online that was different from the expectation? 

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  1. Your smile is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!

  2. So true about how fast time flies. You ladies look amazing! Haha at feeling like an aunty blogger. You've been at the game for a while so you deserve that title :) I really love the sense of community and belonging that you have created together. All about growing together!

    ​Louisa || ​​La Passion Voutee

    1. Lol right it feels like ages most times. And yes to growing together. Thanks for stopping by Louisa.

  3. wish i was able to be at your meetup but unfortunately am from london! its crazy how there isnt alot of bloggers of our complexion, maybe there is but i dont see much of it so its great to see it here! we should support eachother! great post doll xx

    1. Lol girl I know quite a few. Bloggers in London so I'm sure a meet up could work if you all come together. And yeah despite progress, a lot of bloggers of colour aren't out there as such so we must support each other.

  4. You've been super consistent this year babe, Keep it up!!!

    Tuke's Quest