Hey beautiful people! I hope you're all doing well.
Today's look-book is a little different from the usual. I thought I'd show you guys three ways of styling a basic blouse. This striped blouse from Shein features one of the hottest trends of the year, the floral embroidery trend. Shein is also giving away a free outfit to one lucky winner in their Back to School Giveaway so stick around till the end for the giveaway details.

So thinking about school has got me feeling nostalgic. It's still weird to think that I finished University almost three years ago. I often wish I could go back in time and relive my school days, especially my University days. Don't get it twisted though, I'd like to relieve the fun moments which exclude exams, tests, and classes especially those ones with the boring teachers that make one sleep.

 One of my fondest memories of those days is chilling with my girls at the school canteen or eating spicy Thai food after class. This was our go-to spots especially on those broke days which were more often than not.We would order food, sit and chat, in fact, we had some of our best  conversations during those hangouts

Now that I’ve talked your ear off let’s move to the look-book

Look 1: Colour block chic
When it comes to school fashion, I to be comfortable but still stylish. For this first look, I incorporated the color block trend with a corduroy button skirt, a striped flower embroidered shirt, and a mustard satchel. I also opted for these nude Rhinestone flats to balance things out and these cute frames for a nerdy smart look.

Back to School Outfit Inspiration

 Back to School Outfit Inspiration by sarah-audu featuring striped tops

ShirtHere || SkirtHere || BagHere || ShoesHere || GlassesHere

Look 2: Mixed Prints
You all know how much I love mixed prints, so I thought it would be fun to pair the shirt with a striped flared midi skirt. Since we're still talking comfort I opted for these blue loafers and added a pop of colour with the orange purse, this has to be my favourite look.

Mixed prints
Shirt: Here || Skirt: Here || Purse: Here || loafers: Here 

Look 3: Men's Inspired
Taking a little inspiration from the men, I decided to pair the shirt with a pair of boyfriend jeans for a slightly slouchy relaxed fit. As with the other looks I opted for a pop of colour with this cute backpack. Still, on comfort, I went for white sneakers with a floral embroidery detail as well. 

Everyday chic
Shirt: Here ||Boyfriend Jeans: Here || Backpack: Here || Sneakers: Here || GlassesHere

Giveaway Rules
1. Register and sign up with Shein here and Student Beans here 
2. Create a school inspired outfit using items from Shein
3. Email your outfit to me before the 29th of May. I will pick the best one and submit it to Shein. The winner will be announced by Shein and I'll post the winner on the blog. Be sure to subscribe on the right side of the blog so you don't miss out.

The winner of the Giveaway will win a free outfit (skirt and shirt) from Shein, they have lovely items, so don't miss out.

What's your favourite outfit? Which look would you rock? What do you miss about school? Do you have any fond memories from your school days? Please share

Till next time!


  1. I'm still in school and it's tiring ...i'd totally rock look 2

    1. Trust me when I say this girl, when you're done you'll miss it and will want to go back to those carefree days of dependence. Adulthood is harder then it seems especially in Nigeria, the hustle is really real. And I love look 2, its my fav

  2. The first one is definitely my favorite. Firstly, because of the way the colours aren't similar but still look really cool. Secondly because it can serve as a day to night look. All that's needed is just switching flats to heels and probably throw on a jacket.


    1. I agree, a leather jacket and lace up booties would instantly dress the look up. Thank you

  3. I love the first look, apart from being a medical student with not so much of a choice as to what to wear. I love the detail on the shirt. The whole look is something I know my HOD will agree with. I alson agree with Collins as it can also be a night look too
    BTW,I think the other link for the student bean is broken, I can access it

    1. Really I had no idea Medical students had a dress good, I just assumed scrubs were for days you spent at the hospital. I just accessed the link hun, it works, just click on access code then you'll see a pop up sign up form.

  4. I love the first and last look would definitely rock both of em.
    What i miss bout school? Allowance oh the pocket money life lol

    1. Yes oh, speak the truth. I miss the pocket money, those days where all I had to do was go to school and shop with my money.

  5. Love the pieces you've selected .
    The 3rd is definitely my style . I can go anywhere wearing those .
    Thanks for the style tips

    1. Thank you, Khadijah,I can actually see you rocking look three, it definitely is your style.

  6. The embroidered shirt is trending all over social media.My fav look is look 3 and I must say I would definitely wear this to uni.x


    1. Probably one of the most overexposed trends this year too, I've got to get one though.

  7. the first one is my favorite one!
    lovely, the skirt is so pretty.

    with love your AMELY ROSE

    1. I love it too. The skirt is indeed very pretty.

  8. heyy really nice sling bags ... with every apparel ... they are really to complete your look

  9. Great article thanks for sharing