Its quite sad what our world is turning to these days. 

Each time I read about sexual, physical, and emotional violence,  I can't help wonder what indeed is happening to our world, to our women, to our men especially. It breaks my heart really that men, who are supposed to be the head and protect, are the major people inflicting all forms of abuse on we, the women.

In most cases of sexual and physical violence, people like to blame the women. It is either the woman dressed provocatively or maybe made the man angry. Now while I believe we women should always dress modestly, as I mentioned in my Sarah speaks titled No Means No, But, I believe this is no excuse for abuse. And as someone on Twitter pointed out

"a violent person (regardless of gender) will hurt you if they think they can get away with it".

  I mean how can one explain a 17 year old boy rapping a 6 year old girl. Will we then say it was because she dressed provocatively? I think rather than play the blame game, we need to look deeper and find ways to stop this. 

It's sad to hear and see women suffer so much at the hands of men and yet I wonder why they just don't leave. I've never understood but I don't judge. I can't imagine what a lot of women are going through.

But if you're a woman in this situation, can you imagine yourself being free from all the pain and hurt, because it is possible. I want you to know that you are loved, and that there is so much more to this life for you. God has a great plan for you if you could only see it and just trust him.

I want you to know that you have the strength to walk away from any man, women, person, thing or situation that is hurting you and making you sad. You do not have to suffer in silence either.

It really isn't easy being a woman most times. Always having to be on guard but I know that there are still good  men in this  world and I pray we find them. I pray our eyes are opened to differentiate the angels from the demons.
Now this post may be directed to women but that is not to take away from the fact that men go through abuse too, its just that often times due to society they don't always talk about it. 

I honestly don't know if talking really helps but I'd like to think for people in such situations it gives them the courage to leave. I guess we just have to keep saying it, keep talking it even. No to all forms of abuse, it is not okay and it is enough, it must stop. And the victim must not be blamed.

What is your stance on this issue? Do you think talking about abuse helps? What's it like being a woman in today's world? 

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  1. Nobody has a right to be abused in any way. I think they should talk about it and not be made to feel like it's their fault.

    1. I think that's when recovery Begins when people can accept that it's not their fault. And I guess talking about it helps. Thanks for reading.

  2. Talking about abuse by the victim really helps through the healing process, it's at that stage that acceptance comes in. Point stated-it's not easy being a woman, each day comes with new struggles and challenges. And YES! to finding that good man. nice post Sarah.

    1. Thanks Dominika, I can't imagine how hard it must be. But I do know that most times talking about things helps me. We will find the good ones by his grace.

  3. Blogspot won't let me comment my heart out but I don't understand why people are so sick like the violence these days hurt me and that seventeen year old boy raping a six year old girl is just beyond sad

    1. Lol Desmond what do you mean by blogspot won't let you though? It is beyond sad, when I heard the story it broke my heart. The heart of man is desperately wicked, people suck these days.