Hey Beautiful people, feels like it's been ages. How's everybody doing? How has this month been treating you? I know this particular segment is overexposed in the blog world but when you have a lot to say it definitely comes in handy. So let's hop right into it shall we. 
More plastic slippers and making sure to take my umbrella everywhere. For some reason whenever I am unprepared for the rain, it falls. Last time this happened I got drenched. Because the thing about Abuja rain is that it comes with the wind hence if you are outside a building, it is hard to hide. Plus it floods after the rain, then traffic follows and public transport either becomes more expensive or scarce. I'd rather get wet than be stranded.

Extremely grateful to God, he did it again. I had a major breakthrough earlier this week and as I type this I can't stop smiling. Looking back at how everything fell into place it’s amazing to see how God orchestrated everything. When you think God has forgotten or you're about to give up, he shows up, stuns you and adds icing on the cake. In my language we say "Ohle ya chaba (Jehovah Overdo)

About the upcoming Abuja Content creators meet up this Saturday. If you're a content creator in Abuja and would love to network, email Mimi @ramblings_of_msmimi. We'd love to meet you. Plus the last one blogged about (here) was so fun and enlightening. We talked like old friends catching up. 

My recent thrift purchases which I will be styling on the blog soon. I rarely get this lucky but this time I walked away with staple pieces that made me wonder where all these sellers had been hiding. The funny thing is I was heading to work but I thought I’d just window shop but one hour and a trip to the ATM later, I walked away with a bag full of clothes. And my mom who disapproves of my thrifting ways actually like some of the pieces, though she still disapproves. 
A work wear series to guide you on easy office outfits to put together. Hope you love it as much as I think you will.

For an affordable and long lasting primer. I previously used a primer from elf and it was amazing but I lost it along the line. Then I bought a primer by Classic which is not so great, any recommendations?

On better and more quality content for the blog. I'd really like to push further this year in my blogging journey. I will also be collaborating with various creatives as well so stay tuned. If you'd like to work with me, let’s do this!
God's favour in my life and that of my family.

You Covered Me by Timothy Reddick, Dr.R.A. Vernon and The Word Church. The song just speaks from my soul to God. He get the glory for everything.

Episodes of Blackist, NCIS LA and Jenifas Diary. I finally got my siblings to watch Jenifas Diary and they love it now especially the earlier seasons

My girl, Grace's dreams are made easier. She actually opened a Go Fund Me account (here) to further her studies at Georgetown University. Check it out and help in any way you can. And if you don’t have the money, just spread the world.

These photographers were taken by fellow blogger Mide Coker here and I featured some of them in my Sarah Speaks on 10 Tips from a College Graduate. Now this denim skirt has been styled here and here.

What have you guys been up to lately? Any major breakthroughs you want to share? How are you coping with the weather?

Let’s stay in touch guys


  1. Glad you've got some good news! We pray for more of that.


  2. Thanking God for good health over the years... just one day of being down I am appreciative of the many years I didn't have to take drugs.
    I desire to resume blogging... this springs from the inspiration I get from you and this blog.
    Cheers girl

    1. I can totally relate with you Ugo, I was a little ill earlier this year and I spent so much money which just made me thankful for good health. Looking forward to your comeback and thanks so much. Its nice to see you back on here? How've you been? How's Mom?

       Princess Audu 

  3. It's beautiful that you are so grateful to God and that you are happy and smiling!
    Beautiful outfit, I adore combo of striped top with denim skirt and blue lipstick!

    Have a nice weekend:)


    1. Gotta give the one who orchestrated everything, all the thanks. Thanks so much hun.

  4. your new template is amazing

  5. Happy that you're feeling good, it's always great when your feeling good because of God's work! great post girl!

    keelie xo


    1. Right! The positives are our opportunity to shine God's glory.

  6. I recently bought the ponds primer and it's done a good job so far.
    I also like Zaron's primer.
    You should visit Lagos soon, maybe for Fashion Week in October.

    Tuke's Quest

    1. Thanks girl, I'll give those two a try. And yeah I've been thinking of visiting and attending fashion week but let's see.

  7. I think you styled this outfit very well. The shades complete the look so well. I was going to recommend an elf primer but then I read what you wrote. I hope you find another one soon.

    I've been working on my Youtube these days and have challenged myself to post once a week now.

    With God's guidance I'm sure both of us will push through. Great pictures!

    Sheyla G.
    Freestyle Moda.com