Hey beautiful people!

My obsession for belts is no hidden thing. Funny enough I never noticed it until someone pointed it out (hey Grace). I honestly don't know when it started but I just love my belts. Why? Well they give that perfect finishing touch to any look. 

Now a lot of people ask where I buy my belts from. Honestly, I thrift some and purchase some, but in today's post I've got you covered on where you too can get a chic statement belt. And I'll also be talking why you need one, in case you aren't already convinced.

 Belts are great for tying two separate pieces together and making them look like one. Like in the outfit below which appears to be a jumpsuit but in actuality is a dress and pair of culottes paired together, see what I did there?

Full outfit post Here

Statement belts are also great for cinching in your waist, leaving you with that perfect snatched waist at times, depending on the belt that is. And a cinched waist is key in adding balance to an outfit.

Full outfit post Here

 Statement belts as I mentioned above also give your outfits that perfect finishing touch, you know that wow factor. They can easily transform an outfit from basic to glamorous. Don't believe me? Well try it out on a basic jeans and T-shirt pairing and see what I mean.

Outfit post here 

1. Asos Here  || 2. Asos Here ||  3. Jumia Here || 4. Shein Here  || 5. Jumia Here || Shein Here 

Do you believe in the power of a statement belt? Why? How do you take your outfits from basic to wow? What other closet items do you think are essentials? What style items are you obsessed with?


  1. I am not big on belt, especially waist belt. I am that one annoying girl that would continually pull up her trouser rather than wearing belt, dunno why, just not comfortable when I wear one. Having said that I really like this leather belt on you and I don't think I would mind wearing a waist belt tho.
    Very helpful post as always.

    1. Lol girl well I'm glad I was able to convince you and that now you're thinking of giving belts a try. Thanks for reading too.

  2. And I'm the exact opposite. I never wear belts. Not waist ones and not tummy ones either.

    I see big tummy belts are making their way back in. Maybe I will give them a shot this time around.

    1. And it appears that you and Dleona are on similar but You should girl, you'd totally rock it. I'm so glad that tummy belts are back.

  3. Girl you are totally obsessed with belts and i love the way you style em.
    You don't have to convince me I'm a fan already.