I remember when I got my first job, finding what to wear to work was usually a struggle. Even putting together an outfit for the job interview proved difficult as I had been a student for most of my life.

However, three years after trial and error, lots of observation, various closet overhauls and finding my style, its safe to say I know better when it comes to finding the perfect work outfit for the office.

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Today I will be listing out five closet essentials that I feel every woman should have in her work wardrobe. I believe having these items in ones closet will definitely make dressing for work a whole lot easier. Let's begin shall we.

1. Nude Pointed Shoes

Nude pumps are probably one of the most underrated pairs of shoes. I find them to be so essential in my wardrobe, even more so than the black pump. They simply go with everything and are classier too. 
The snakeskin nude pump below was the first pair of pumps that I added to my collection almost four years ago. It was from a local brand in Thailand and it's still in amazing condition. Now the second pump was a steal from Forever 21, both pairs are my favorite shoes as you can see by how well they have been worn.

2. The Black Statement Bag

When it comes to dressing for work, big structured bags are key. Now the black statement bag is perfect due to its versatility and efficiency. You can basically carry your entire house if you invest in a good bag. As you all know I prefer smaller satchel bags but when it comes to work, I need something that can carry my heels, food flask (yes, aint no body spending unnecessary money  on food), my umbrella and other things. 

3. The White Shirt

The staple white shirt  although quite hard to keep clean, pairs nicely with everything! While a crisp white shirt is the usual go-to option, you can always opt for one that has a little more sass like this ruffled flared sleeve white blouse styled here

4. The One Piece: LBD/ Jumpsuit

I am one who believes in the power of separates as opposed to one pieces but when it comes to work wear, I'd have to differ. While one pieces like a jumpsuit or little black dress may not be as versatile as separates, they are perfect for those moments when we are either in doubt, totally un-bothered or running late. The ease of a jumpsuit or corporate dress can not be understated. Plus they also work when one is going out after work.

5. The Blazer

This item although quite basic and simple, is such a key piece in both a woman and man's wardrobe. They simply add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit and can easily dress up an otherwise basic outfit. A blazer can also transform a not-so-appropriate office outfit like a backless dress to the perfect office look. This blue vintage blazer below was styled with jeans here and instantly took the jeans from casual to formal, need I say more!

So that's it beautiful people, five closet essentials when it comes to dressing for the office. 

Which item would you add or remove? What are some key pieces in your office wardrobe? Would you agree or disagree with the 5 items mentioned? Let me know in the comments below and please share if you found this post helpful.

Be sure to catch up on look 1 ,look 2  and look 3  of the series!

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  1. Beautifully curated Sarah. I totally agree with you on everything. But finding that perfect black bag has been a real struggle for me. Yours is gorg BTW.


    1. It's not easy girl but thank God for mothers who let you borrow their own. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Haha. Quite funny that I have neither pointed shoes nor a handbag. Well, pointed shoes low enough for work. My laptop bag serves as my handbag and I hope that I change that soon because it is so unladylike-like.

    Great post. As always

    1. Lol girl pointed shoes are generally uncomfortable for work but they are so chic. As for the handbag, functionality is keep so I get it. Thanks Tee

  3. I agree, these are key pieces for office wardrobe, you can't go wrong with any of these.

    1. Yay! Thanks for leaving your thoughts girl.

  4. Great post and I definitely have had my share of trial and errors too. Thanks for the inspiration. Agreed with all the pointers.


    1. Trial and error us truly the best way to learn. Thank you too for Reading.

  5. White shirts and nude heels are also my essentials for official outfits. Thanks for sharing!:)

  6. I actually just got a black jumpsuit and styled it for work the other week! And now I'm wondering how I went so long without one. Completely agree on that one!

    1. That's how I feel now too, can't believe that the above jumpsuit is my first pair but now I definitely plan to get more.