Hey beautiful people (I've missed saying this)!
So after being away for so long, it only feels right that we catch up. 
A lot happened while I was on break, both in the country, my life and yours too. Also, it just hit me that the last life update post I did was in June, here. So lets just hop right into this.

A bit bummed out that I won't be attending the much anticipated Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2017. I had actually hoped to attend this year and finally make my first trip to Lagos (I've never been). Last year I couldn't afford it but this year I can but I have no time, life though! Anyways, I'll definitely be following up with my blogger people and also checking out the hashtags. I might just do a post on the event too, we'll see.
Danfo bus, lagos living

Photo Cred: My Boss


About finally getting close to my new camera, expect more amazing content soonest guys. 


A lot of made in Nigeria items. I have actually been doing a lot of shopping lately and I purchased quite a few made in Nigeria goods which I look forward to styling. I'm not going to lie though, I regretted some purchases but I am making the most of it. With that being said, shopping online does not always go as planned. I do hope to get back to thrifting so as to slay like Ifeoma of Draped in Basic, hey girl!
Kurt Cobain
My Kurt Cobain inspired (fake) sunglasses. I've been seeing these shades everywhere online for a while now. I honestly never pictured myself wearing it as I thought it wouldn't suit me but the next thing I know I walked away from an aboki (street vendor) having purchased it for only 1k( $3). So far, I'm loving how it looks but hating the unwanted attention it gets me on the streets. Though, seeing as it's not real, these glasses do not and I repeat do not protect the eyes from the harsh Abuja sun (I'm already missing the raining season). But then again I am one to purchase sun glasses for the sole purpose of taking blog pictures and not actually wearing them in real life (most times I feel blind with shades on).

All my friends, acquaintances, blogger people who are either getting married, just got engaged, just gave birth or about to. There seems to be something in the air though, am I the only one who has noticed? I am of course happy for everyone and actually looking forward to attending a wedding of a close friend later this year, plus I will be on the bridal train and will be wearing Asoebi (It'll be my first time so I'm excited!)


Out a lot more. I've gained a bit of weight over the past few months and I'm taking measures to get back to the fitfam. I'm not trying to get fat and leave my favorite clothes behind. I recently learnt how to make puff puff too and that hasn't really helped me since the craving for it mostly comes at night. Also I really want to get back into the fit lifestyle so I can continue in my typical foodie ways. I'm thinking of writing more fitness posts in the future too, thoughts?

puff puff, Nigerian snack
Plate of Puff Puff via 9ja Foodie


At how God works. The other day and today as well, I was thinking about how life has been good. Looking back, in 2014 I had just gotten fired (here), in 2015 I was unemployed, in 2016 I had just completed my NYSC (here) and in 2017, I have a job that was totally unexpected but is just amazing. Looking back at everything all I see is God's hand. I realize that every closed door is not actually a closed door. Stay tuned for a testimony post on how I got my present job. 

"I am the LORD. I will free you from your oppression and will rescue you from your slavery in Egypt. I will redeem you with a powerful arm and great acts of judgment"
(Exodus 6:6 NLT)


I could take two day off every month to just stay at home and sleep. Yes I'm thankful for my present job, it's an amazing opportunity, pays the bills and all but I've always known the 9-5 life is not for me. Though, seeing as a girl's got bills to pay and I haven't figured a way out of it, this will be my life for now and I'll just have to deal. Does anyone relate? 

What have you guys been up to lately? Are you attending Lagos fashion week? What have you been celebrating or working on?

Let's catch up!


  1. i can relate with trusting God, and seeing everything in God's eyes.
    Also, i wish i had the time to travel too:)
    hopefully i can take a break from work by December and just connect with people i've never met before.
    I miss sewing at will too, been getting lot's of orders. i'm trusting God for a plan, that will let me live my passion, make more and still have time to rest very often.
    Lot's of love girl.

    1. Trusting God is the only way, all it takes is faith too. Where you thinking of travelling too? A break would be great, Lord knows I need one. I'm glad business is moving for you. Amen to that girl when the Lord gives a dream, he makes a way. Lots of love too girl.

  2. You haven't been to Lagos?! No no no we must change this Sarah.
    How come unhealthy food cravings sneak up on you at night? It happens to me too!
    Totally enjoyed reading this catch up post :)
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Lol well does the airport count? I definitely want to change that. Thank God someone relates to those late night cravings which can't be helped,I wonder with the brain though seeing as it always comes at night. Glad you enjoyed this, thank you for reading.

  3. Nice!! Waiting on hearing more about your new job.

    1. Coming up soon Alma, thank you for reading.

  4. You haven't been to lagos?? Wawu
    Maybe I shouldn't judge so much as i haven't been to Abuja too.
    You should visit lagos soon sha and holla at your girl when you get here!


    1. Lol,well that's everyone's reaction when I say I've never been. I'd definitely hit you up when I finally make it.

  5. I get what you mean about the 9-5. I feel like it’s just part of growing up and something you have to do until you eventually find that job even if its 9-5 that you don’t dread going to everyday. Congratulations on the new job though. Never take for granted the ability to handle your own and pay the bills ��

    1. I Agree totally, its part of growing up and again entrepreneurship is not for every one at the end of the day. Thank you, I'm grateful and humbled too.

  6. Congrats on your new job Sarah! Bummer I can't attend LFDW this year too. I was looking forward to it. Same as you. Last year, couldn't afford it, this year, I can but don't have the time. Maybe next year?

    Those glasses look amazing on you girl!


    1. Thank you Tee!
      You see life, maybe next year hopefully.
      And thanks girl.

  7. Looking forward to your new job testimony! You know i I told you th other time that you need to start putting up some fitness post, please help our ministry. Girl! There's definitely something in the air, I remember telling some babes at the brunch that it seems like everyone is getting engaged, or married, it's a great thing though. Thank God for your life boo and great post as usual!


  8. @Aramdide
    Thank God girl and thank you for reading. Will work on those fitness posts and the job testimony will be coming very soon. As for fitness once I get back into it fully, I will be sure to help your ministry lol. There is definitely something in the air, but when the time is right it'll be out turn too huh.