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Today it's all about this camel tweed midi-skirt which is just perfect for the winter. Yes I know we don't have winter in Nigeria but with Harmattan already in full season, it's getting slightly colder so go with me on this one, okay. 

 white shirt, details
dressing for winter, midi-skirt, mustard, lace up nude booties, polkadot scarf
dressing for winter, midi-skirt, mustard, lace up nude booties,

My sister describes this skirt as a deeper life skirt. For my non-Nigerian readers,  Deeper Life is the name of a church which is known for modest dressing and when I say modest, I mean modest! Typically, long baggy skirts like this are more commonly seen on their women. Here in Nigeria we also describe the skirt as 'Old mama skirt" (Old lady) or "Mary Amaka skirt" (Don't know the translation)

 Though if you haven't noticed the old mama/deeper life skirts are back in trend and as per self proclaimed modest fashion advocate, I'm excited. Because when it comes down to it, I prefer less fitted clothes as it offers more comfort. In styling, I went quite simple with a basic white long sleeve shirt, added a pop of print with my polka-dot scarf and opted for my nude lace up booties. I added this lovely grey tote bag with a tassel detail. It's actually on sale for $10 on Gamiss. Honestly when it comes down to shopping at Asian sites, accessories are you best bet (I'll do a post on this, yes or no?)
dressing for winter, midi-skirt, mustard, polkadot skirt, tassels bag
dressing for winter, midi-skirt, mustard, lace up nude booties, polkadot scarf
dressing for winter, midi-skirt, mustard, lace up nude booties, polkadot scarf
Photography by Wayt Fashion 

Skirt: Gamiss || Shirt: Random || Shoes: Zaful Similar || Bag: Gamiss

Would you rock the old mam/deeper life skirt? What are you thoughts on this outfit? How would you style it differently?

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  1. Ok I clearly get that "deeper life" meaning cause we had that kind of church next to our place,And they even used to beat you with a belt or slaps in the name of chasing the spirit away.
    That aside, I love this skirt cause it has the 'vintageness' and a hidden elegance that can be only brought out by a great stylist like you. the way you paired it with those lace up heels, the scarf and kept it minimal with the white T brought it out so well.
    Enjoy your day Sara

  2. @Wenluditoh, oh hey girl nice to see you here. That's quite harsh, the beating with belts that is. Anyways I attended their church sometime last year and they seemed nicer, I even wore makeup but what do I know lol. I too love the vintageness of such skirts and the old school vibes too. Thanks you so much for stopping by and commenting. Enjoy you day too.

  3. Hahahahaaaa...your sister is funny! My cousin used to call me 'night gown lady' because I used to wear skirts like this and long maxi skirts back home in Ghana. She found them boring. Smh!! Anyways love skirt like this. Very comfortable, classy and versatile if you ask me. You look wonderful Sarah.


  4. 'Mary Amaka' skirts are certainly making a comeback which I think is great. I love your skirt, the colour is so gorgeous, great look Sarah! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  5. @MissyMay lol at your cousin lol, I bet she didn't know that such skirts would make a major comeback. Thank you

    @Demilade I think the comeback is great too. Thanks girl