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It's a new week and I'm super excited to be starting on a loud, printastic note with this made in Nigeria aztec print co-ord set featuring the puff/ billow sleeves which has been trending all year round. But before we get into the outfit details lets talk a little Monday motivation. 

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I recently had a conversation with my parents, which got me thinking of these words "Think beyond where you are". My dad once worked as a porter in his younger hustling days. He said to me that one day he vexed (got annoyed) at someone and said, I will be a guest at this hotel one day. At the time, I'm sure people thought he was a silly and overambitious young man given his current state. But fast forward to several years later and my dad was a guest at the hotel and guess what? He met one of his former colleagues who is still working there as a lower staff even.

This scenario really got me thinking. First of all, about speaking things into existence and of course thinking beyond where we are. I can't help but wonder, if my dad had not had that mindset then, he may have been stuck like his colleague. The truth is in life, one can get easily comfortable with small achievements that we get stagnant. Comfort zones after all breed mediocrity most times. But we've just got to keep improving, getting better, moving forward and striving for more, for better. Because where we are right now may not be where God wants us to be. The future is blinding bright, we can't stop now, can we? There are so much bigger things to achieve.

Photography by Blessing Audu

Moving on to the outfit, I believe it was back in 2014 when coordinates were trending everywhere! This year we saw a comeback of the co-ord set but it came in form of pajamas and active wear, Shein has a nice stock here too. My favorite thing about these two piece sets is the versatility it offers. You get two different pieces which can be styled both together and separately.  

This set is made in Nigeria by Salamay, one of my favorite designers from the Kanga Fashion Festival which I attended earlier this year. I love the print, fit and the fabric which is a good quality chiffon material. I got this set for Naira 9.5K ($31) which is a bit on the high side for me but still worth it.Her customer service was good too as she made adjustments when it didn't fit perfectly. In styling I didn't do anything spectacular or even accessorize since I felt the prints and fit made enough of a statement, don't you think?

Co-ord Set: Salamay here || Fringe Slides: Edward Mills Lagos here || Shoes: Zara || Bag: Thailand 

I'll probably do a lookbook styling the pieces separately. Would you like to see it? If you decide to get one, let her know I sent you. Also these pictures are the first of my new camera, it was a tough shoot trying to figure this camera out but at least we got one outfit. We'll just have to keep learning. Thoughts?I changed into slides toward the end of the shoot as my feet were killing me guys! 

How would you style this look differently? Are you a fan of coo-ord sets? Would you like to see that lookbook?

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  1. I love how comfortable the outfit looks ������ , I love how you’ve paired it with a brown bag and also the option of heels and a comfy sandal. Speaking positive things into existence is soo powerful, it’s important to keep doing it regardless of our current situation, once you believe it in your heart and you speak it, nothing can stop you.

  2. That set is fabulous, I adore these prints! You look really gorgeous!


  3. Very well said Sarah, we should always strive to be better. Love the outfit and your hair especially, it really suits you. I also think your new camera did a great job! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  4. @Jennifer Thank you, I love baggy clothes for the comfort especially. Exactly girl, having a positive confession and faith is so important
    @Jointy@Croissanty, Thank you girl for always coming by to show love
    @North+South+Navy thanks so much
    @Demilade Aina, thank you, thought it was time for change with a new hair do. And yay, it was a touch shout so glad you like the quality of the pictures.