Hey beautiful people!
Four years ago this month I opened a blog to justify my shopaholic tendencies back then. And boy when we talk about growth, have we come a long way! I have a giveaway too so stick to the end! 

Today I decided to celebrate in this mixed prints number featuring my vintage shirt worn backward, floral box pleated skirt and my block heels black pointed pumps.

Note: The pink highlight words are links

"Sigh" Where do I even begin?
It's been an up a down ride really, one filled with both happy times, lots a fashion, passion, inspiration and of course frustration. I'll never regret starting this blog even though more times than not, I ask myself "who sent you Sarah" Though, what would I do without this blog and you guys. For one I'd sleep more, save money on the Internet of course, probably spend more time at home too but then where's all the fun in that. 

I've gone through some of my hardest and best moments here. Thank God for this platform that kept me busy while I was unemployed and living in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. That sense of purpose at that time was much needed. When I  graduated from University, got  my first job and then got fired and actually learned something about it, this blog was there. Through NYSC, my trip to Obudu Cattle Ranch, Cross River State and even my most recent testimony of getting the job. I'll never regret the decision to start this blog. 

I won't lie though, the pressure can get real at times hence my reason for almost quitting by hey I'm still here for a reason huh.
Photography by Wayt Fashion
Of course shout out to you guys, my beautiful people for reading my posts, commenting, sharing, being nice and of course for all the words of encouragement. It's weird how you can virtually connect with people. Thank you for reading my Sarah Speaks, bonding over fashion trends, sharing my faith and knowledge. Thank you!

Skirt: RoseGal || Shirt: Thrift || Shoes: Shoe Shop Nigeria (tell her I sent you)
 Clutch: Thailand

Now to celebrate I will be giving away this size 40 brand new shoes (never worn) from Jumia Fashion Nigeria. 

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*The Giveaway is open till November 16, 2017 so you can enter as many times as possible.
*It is open nationwide and shipping costs are covered
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What type of posts would you like to see on the blog? What's your favourite post type? 
Fashion, Inspiration, travel, Sarah Speaks?

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  1. Congratulations Sarah! Really thank God for your life and the blog. To think you almost quit. God will continue to uplift you by his grace and will never forsake you. Once again, congratulations!

  2. Oh boy, don't I love how you take your outfits to another level. I've been an avid reader of your blog for quite a while now and I have to say I'm a big fan. Just keep being you.

  3. Congrats on four years Sarah. That's no mean feat! Cheers to more years

    Lovely, lovely, lovely combo!

  4. Congratulations Sarah, the journey has been real and you've done so well, more grace. I would definitely love more style posts (love you prints) and i get a lot from Sarah speaks.

  5. Congratulations Sarah. You inspire me not to give up on blogging even though it can be frustrating. And of course I would like to see more posts on fashion.

  6. Congrats Sarah. I am nowhere near 4 years into blogging but I can totally relate to the "who sent you" question sometimes. I am a travel girl so travel posts will always be my favorite.
    Here's to another amazing four years of blogging and journaling life...xxxx

    YouTube|| Exploring Ogbunike cave

  7. Congratulations, Sarah. It's not small thing to start something and keep at it (blogging especially). It's so cool how you're open to your readers too. I wish you the best in your work. 🍾To paid partnership and better jobs.

  8. @Collins, Amen to that. Lord knows I need lots of uplifting
    @Faith, thanks so much, that means the lot and its the plan
    @Dive in to Mauve, you can say that again, it hasn't even been easy at all, thank you!
    @StyleDiarybyOsy it really had girl. More style posts and Sarah Speaks coming up, thank you. You've been absent from the blog by the way, when you coming back?
    @Bec Events happy to have inspired. Its too late/early to give up so we've got to keep going
    @Ifunanya, Amen to that girl, glad you could relate lol
    @Benny Yes oh, especially to better opportunities. Thank you, just keeping it real.

  9. Congratulations Sarah. I'm glad you have made it this far. my favorite post have to be fashion and Sarah's speaks segment on your blog. So keep them coming.


  10. Congratulations dear. Talk about growth and consistency. Cheers to many more years, paid partnership and bigger collaborations.
    My Style Look Book Series

  11. Congratulations! Cheers to more years.

    Oreoluwa’s blog

  12. you have done a great job, don't stop.
    Keep pressing on girl:)
    The Beautiful Eagle