Hello, my beautiful awesome readers!
Let me use this opportunity to first of all wish you guys a happy new month of November
And on that note, we start this month with monochrome, stripes and the ruffle trend. But let's pause on fashion for a bit and talk for a moment huh.

black and white, stripes, ruffles, buckle belts
black and white, stripes, block heels, black pumps, ruffles, buckle belts

"We're expecting an invite soon Sarah", "I hope the men are coming" or "I'm getting ready to eat rice and wear asoebi". All the above and more, are questions that have been hurled at me lately. I've often wondered as a young lady why can't  people ask questions about my career, graduate studies or investments deals. But no, its all marriage, marriage and children. Because,  I guess as a woman, you're not worth anything until you have a man. You're not successful until you're married and settled with kids. That's what society tells us sadly. 

The other day I was told "as woman you're not successful until you're in your husbands house". Wow was my first thought. And then I realized this is exactly the type of thing that forces people into an unhappy marriage.

Surely there has to be more to this life. Because after the wedding and children what's next? These things don't bother me as such though, never have either. Because I know where I'm going. Sure, marriage and children are great, things I want in the future of course but there has to be more to this life, don't you think?

black and white, stripes, block heels, black pumps, ruffles, buckle belts
black and white, stripes, block heels, black pumps, ruffles, buckle belts
black and white, stripes, block heels, black pumps, ruffles, buckle belts

Photography by Wayt Fashion

Let's talk about today's outfit. As is often said " You can't go wrong with monochrome (Black and White)", truer words have never been said. Today I simply paired a thrifted ruffled top with my stripe high waist trousers from Zaful (Styled here). For me, what makes this look stand out are the little details and accessories, like the statement buckle belt which was perfect for cinching in my waist. And my new shoelove, these black block heels (I thought it was time for a new pair of black shoes) which I think looks good. This year one of the most overexposed trends had to be ruffles, today I'm here to make it more overexposed!

Trousers: Zaful || Shoes: Shoe Shop Nigeria (tell her I sent you)
Top: Thrift || Belt: Market Buy

Thoughts on this look? Or marriage? What have you been up to?

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  1. Great post! Lovely shoes ����

  2. I would say I completely agree there is way more to life than just being married and having children, unfortunately society is still very jacked up in their way of looking at women so it’s our responsibility to not see ourselves in the light that they’ve chosen for us. We as woman have soo much in us more than they can grasp one day I’m hoping things will change but till then I’ll keep working towards being the best that I can be in all aspects of my life really. Thanks for sharing this ������ and I’m loving the monochrome outfit the fitness of your blouse I’m soo here for it ����.

  3. One answer I give people who ask me about marriage.......I want to have a life 1st and is actually, waiting for that man in "Taraji, P" voice who would love to see how I move and deal with my career without having to explain myself.

  4. There is power! You look in this set sensational!

  5. I wonder why society at this day and age still feel this way.
    I am a woman, and as much as I want children and a husband, I also want a successful, enjoyable career. I want to lik=ve a God-filled , purposeful life too. I know God wants that for me. He wants Us to be frutiful and multiply...in all aspects of life!
    Love the top, it is really classy and clean.
    Well done, Sarah!

  6. @Jennifer Yes girl, someone who relates. Sadly society is messed up but I like what you said about it being our responsibility to pay no mind to that notion. We have a long way to go but until then we'll keep working on ourselves to show forth the best. Thank you for reading and stopping by.

    @Hungwa Esther Exactly girl that's right, the pergect answer too

    @Blogosfera thank you

    @Desire Exactly girl, I'd like to believe our lives go beyond just having a husband and children. It's also about discovering and living our purpose. Like you said its about being successful in all aspect. Thank you dear.